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Love your customer …

Q&A with Lilla - On Life as an Artist

This is a wonderful piece that I enjoyed a great deal, by Whitney Smith, a potter, from Oakland, California.

Love your customer, even when you don’t
“I worked a few jobs in high school that required constant interaction with the public, and I learned– as did my supervisors– that customer service was not my forte. People would get on my nerves with their foolish expectation that I should serve them quickly and politely. I would shake with indignation if a customer gave me attitude. Of course I was young and untrained, and I had little idea what the word “customer service” meant, only that it sounded like somebody else’s job. read more »

How Trina’s day out in the Scottish Highlands became a repeat pattern

blog_trina_inschriach_bluepoppy.JPGTrina Dalziel writes:

“Hi Lilla

I thought you might like to see how my Collection of repeat patterns named Inshriach started. Last May I went home to Scotland to visit my parents. On my Mum’s birthday we went to Inshriach plant nursery which is in a wood at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains in the Highlands. They have a little café that sells amazing cakes made by the owner’s Norwegian wife and where you can sit and watch squirrels and birds in the trees outside. I wandered around and took loads of photos of the plants. Back in London I used my photos as reference for drawings which then became the repeats.” read more »