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Lilla’s Time Management Tips for Artists

Lilla Rogers

Good news: You’re getting lots of work. But I can know it’s very stressful. I’ve been there when I was a full-time artist with tons of projects, and here are my tips on time management:

1. Write each item on a small sticky piece of paper (post-it notes).
An item to write down might be:
sketch animals for bag
get ideas for pattern
scan in all line drawings
color in patterns
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Step by step, Adolie Day

Adolie writes:

“Hi Lilla
Here (finally) an overview of my work process.
Here for creating a character, I hope it will answer some questions.
for this first step I draw with anim pencil. Blue
I then turned to the light table to improve it, make it more readable,
clean, adjust my line and add details sharper.
I then add some values ​​in blue ink.
I scan and begins working on Illustrator forms (the tablet).
I draw some bodies, details, printed, peas … and imports them into Photoshop.
Sometimes (not here) I scan funds in watercolor, fabric, I import photos
to bring the material.

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Interview with Trina Dalziel

Trina writes:

Thought you might like to read this. It was for the blog of a lovely woman, Deborah Henry-Pollard, who I met last week at a workshop on selling your product as a craft/design person.” read more »