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The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 11

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 10 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Anne Bentley


I’m new-ish to MATS, having taken bootcamp and MATS A for the first time this year. One thing, in particular, that Lilla said during MATS A has really resonated with me. And that’s to do the kind of work I like to do and be myself. Because of MATS I’ve ‘met’ this incredible community of illustrators. I’m going to Surtex in 2016 with the Finch & Foxglove art collective.

See more of Anne’s work here: Website | Instagram


Rachel Mense

This is a Holiday Greeting card for those who love a good adventure and winter thrills. Playing with geometric winter wonderland creatures and non-traditional Christmas colors.


I have taken MATS A&B, Bootcamp, GTS as well as HomeDecor. The classes are wonderful, filled with great gems, guidance and insight into the industry from Lilla but also amazing support from all the designers and artists who do the courses. I am excited for 2016 and planning to create a much more art and experiment with different media!

See more of Rachel’s work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Anais Lee

I created this Holiday card for MATS B greeting card week. This card is available on my Minted shop


I have taken MATS A & B, Bootcamp (twice), and Home Decor. These classes have taught me so much about art licensing, commercial art markets, and how to make art that sells! I loved doing the minis and assignments. They were huge motivations for me to step out of my comfort zone and create more art. Lilla’s affirmation always cheers me up when I have self-doubts. I have grown and improved so much in my creative career since I took MATS classes. In 2016, I will be exhibiting solo at Surtex!

See more of Anais’s work here: Website


Leah Malmos| Pixabo

This is a Woodland themed Christmas card I created for 2015 with a coordinating pattern.

Leah Malmos

I took MATS B this past fall and am currently taking self-paced A&B. I hope to continue to take the classes and build my portfolio in 2016 and look forward to more assignments and art making! The classes have completely changed my perspective of art making and given me new inspiration in my career.

See more of Leah’s work here: Website


Patty Rybolt Designs

This is my 2015 tea towel calendar printed on Linen-canvas (ready to hem) Available for sale on my Spoonflower shop


MATS classes include MATS A, MATS B, MATS Bootcamp twice and the Global Talent Search. These classes have helped me so much… I took a short 15 year break from my art career to raise my children and these classes have really helped my to reboot my portfolio. I am hoping to take the bootcamp class again this year and hopefully the home dec course as well!!

See more of Patty’s work here: Website


Lynn Gaines Design Studio
Here are my Christmas card concepts I designs in MATS B

Lynn Gaines

I have taken MATS A, B, and Creating Collections in Home Décor +Bootcamp 2014 and 2015

In 2015 MATS classes have helped me to stretch and grow and to freshen up my everyday work as a staff artist for a major Greeting card company- it has renewed my joy in doing what I love for a living and kicked my old rut to the curb.

In 2016 I hope to find an agent and to pursue my dreams of being a freelance artist with fun dream clients like Land of Nod and Anthropologie

See more of Lynn’s work here: Website


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.


The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 10

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 10 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Studio Erdene

I’ve just designed this greeting card for MATS B paper market assignment. Drawing holiday cookies were so fun and inspiring.


I’ve taken MATS A and now taking static MATS B class.

I’ve got so much out of MATS classes. It was really valuable knowing what different markets look for and how to go about submitting works. In terms of making art, I explored subject matters I’d never think of previously. Also, breaking a project down into small steps really helped me. I enjoy doing minis and having a plenty to work from.

In 2016, I want to make a lot of art and start approaching companies. I’m going to learn screen-printing and considering taking Lilla’s Home decor class too.

See more of Erdene’s work here: Website | Instagram


Arrowyn Craban Lauer | Little Gold Fox Designs

A fox lies peacefully sleeping in a bed of winter greenery. This is a print of a paper-cutting. It is an original design in the style of the traditional German art form called Scherenschnitte, or “scissor-cuts.” Printed on 100% recycled Kraft-Tone paper which is made from recycled chipboard. The paper is a lovely silver cardstock with light gold fibers woven through. Really beautiful! Can be purchased here


I just finished MATS A and it rocked my world. I didn’t realize how much I was missing in not furthering my creative education. I had so much fun, and was really glad to not only connect to people online, but also with several ladies in my city! I really sunk into the knowledge that this is my calling, what I love, and what I’m good at. It really gave me some goals (read envy :) and some confidence as well.

I will be taking MatsC, Bootcamp, and work on the 2 self-paced classes, and well as several Craftsy classes, 2 Atly classes, and an abstract painting class next year. I will be working on creating a solid portfolio throughout the next year. I’m so excited to be investing in my true calling!

See more work here: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram


Denise Newberry | CabinPress Studio

6″ round bowl/plate with my Snowman + his favorite bird


I have taken Bootcamp

Simplicity is what I have taken from Bootcamp… in my Letterpress printing designs and now using those designs to branch out and produce wrapping + scrapbooking paper, coloring sheets and the most fun and exciting collaboration to produce 100’s of pottery bowls, all made in Colorado—-one-by-one-by-one with Love! More teaching is in store in 2016, invited to the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival to do block carving + printing workshops, YEAH.

See more of Denise’s work here: Website


Aron Lowe

Needle felted Santa which can be purchased here


I have taken MATS A, MATS B, Assignment Bootcamp.

Taking the MATS classes really informed me about the markets and made me consider which ones my work is best suited for. Also taking the classes pushed me to learn a lot of new things about working with my art on the computer and how to present my work. I have been interested in getting into freelance illustration, but before taking the classes I didn’t feel like I knew enough about the industry to jump in. In 2016 I plan on putting together a targeted portfolio to send to a number of the lovely companies that I learned about through the MATS classes.

See more of Aron’s work here: Website | Etsy


Carrie Chapko

This is a Christmas card I created for MATS B, which I’m currently taking. Lilla talks about joy and how people connect with it in your art. Plus it’s appropriate for the holidays, so it has extra special meaning for me this year.


I’ve taken MATS A, I’m currently taking MATS B and will be starting Bootcamp soon.

I’m continually amazed by the talented artists that I have been able to connect with during class. There is so much wonderful support and inspiration. My art and confidence have come so far since starting MATS A.

I look forward to opening my own shop in 2016 and hopefully illustrating my first children’s book!


Chandler O’Leary | Anagram Press

This is an original holiday card I illustrated and hand-lettered. The design was adapted from a MATS assignment, and it has become one of my most popular cards! The design can be purchased here

I have taken MATS A and B and MATS Bootcamp, the first time those classes were offered.

The MATS classes gave me a huge leg up on the next phase of my career! I had been looking to break into licensing and find more national clients and opportunities, and MATS taught me how to make my natural style more marketable, as well as so many practical tips and tricks along the way.

Since “graduating” from MATS, I have created many new pieces and licensed them several times over, plus added a lot of new wholesale clients for my in-house stationery line. The next step for me, in 2016, is my goal of finding a wholesale rep for my stationery—MATS has given me the tools, the scripts and the confidence to do it!

See more of Chandler’s work here: Website


Amanda Williams Galvin | Revel Revel

I’ve created a line of cards and art prints called Revel Revel that just launched this holiday season. Attached is the image my “folks” notecard set (it is also available as an art print). I created the “folks” art when I was brainstorming about my brand’s target audience.  The most important thing I wanted to get across was that my designs were for everyone who enjoyed color and good cheer!  All of my designs start out as hand drawn images and all of my printing is done locally in Massachusetts


I took the MATS bootcamp in Spring 2015 and really enjoyed stretching my creative muscles

I have been doing commercial work for several years, and MATS allowed me a time and place to refocus on my own artwork and style.  The assignments felt truly reflective of the industry, and the MATS community has given me so much support, inspiration, and encouragement.  I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the virtual global art gathering :)  I look forward to expanding my line to include some printed fabric products in 2016.

See more of Amanda’s work here: Website


Daniela Glassop | DGD Creative

I have a 2016 calendar tea towel design on Spoonflower available for purchase. Beehive is the name of the design as it features a lady with a beehive hairstyle that is decorated with many flowers, that are around her and in her hair. The fabric I recommend that they be printed on is linen cotton canvas. My aim was to produce a decorative tea towel that would be lovely as a decor item as it’s primary purpose and would also make a beautiful gift, especially for friends that are difficult to buy for.


The MATS classes I have taken have been MATS A, MATS B, MATS Home Décor, Bootcamp in 2014 and 2015 and the Global Talent Search during 2014. The classes have helped to push me to create illustration and design quickl,y which has also helped me to develop my style, something that I had been struggling with.

The classes have also helped me to be confident about the quality of my work which has been so good for me after not feeling supported in my previous employment. My portfolio needed new work in it to represent the new direction I want to move into and the MATS classes have been perfect for that. MATS also helped me to meet other like minded creative people who have become firm friends that I can rely on for friendship and support.

MATS classes have made a massive difference and helped me to stay focused over the last two years as I build my art career doing what I love.

See more of Daniela’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.



The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 9

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 9 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Celia Worrall – Celia Worrall Designs

My Christmas Cards are fun, colourful and bright.

I have taken the MATS A October 2015 course and I am excited to take the Bootcamp course in 2016.

The MATS A classes were incredibly inspirational. They help my work evolve and greatly increased my creativity. I learnt many important lessons – such as the importance of designs “popping” in small format. The classes gave me great insight into delivering art that sells. My next steps are to continue to work on my portfolio and set up my website. I am also hoping to gain representation from an agent.

See more of Celia’s work here: Facebook | Instagram


Maja Andersen

“Holidays are Coming” illustration which is a self promotion piece for my website


I’ve participated in the most recent MATS A class and have enrolled in the upcoming MATS B class, including the bundle of self paced classes.

I’ve learned from MATS A to be yourself, express your own personality as opposed to copying other artists styles, how to professionally present artwork as well as insights to a variety of commercial art buyers and how the commercial arts business considers illustration for their products such as bolt fabric, home decor, gifts and book illustration-which was totally new and informative for me, to get that “inside” look hear from the in house art directors/art buyers.

See more of Maja’s work here: Website


Penny Bernhardsson

Here is my image from Day 1 of my Advent calendar for 2015.


I entered the GTS this year and also took Mats A in October. Mats A has helped me re-discover my love for creating artwork for hand. Also learning to combine both hand and digital design together.

It gave me the confidence to just go for it and enjoy the journey of creating art as “people buy your joy!”

Next year l will be releasing a range of designs for spoonflower (from some of the designs l created in the course) and also creating a collection for a local wallpaper company!

See more of Penny’s work here: Website


Joan Waites

Holiday card rendered by hand in gouache paint on pastel paper. This design is available for licensing.


I participated in MATS Bootcamp 2014 and 2015

After working as a children’s book illustrator for over 25 years, I felt my work was getting predicable and stale. Looking for a new direction to freshen up my style and re-ignite my creative passion, I came across Lilla’s website and course offerings. I signed up for Bootcamp in both 2014 and 2015. The information, assignments, and the support and encouragement were amazing!

I have since been exploring work using new color palates, new styles, and have used new art materials and techniques. I’m excited again about making art. I plan on taking Mats Bootcamp again in 2016 and can’t wait to get started! I feel like my work has evolved and will to continue to work on my portfolio and maybe even start seeking out licensing contracts in the new year.

See more of Joan’s work here: Website


Lauren Paskal Bro – Little Lolo


Here is a fun illustration for the paper market – Happy Holidays with a baking flair

I have taken MATS A, and just completed MATS B

The class has a been a wonderful motivator for me to create more work with a purpose, and has given me the chance to explore with gouache and digital. I have always made art, satisfied the artist muse, and converted my thoughts to images. I now understand that “art that sells”, is art with a mix of illustration, joy and design. I will continue to follow my style, find the joy, with awareness of elements of design.

See more Lauren’s work here: Website


Betz White

I was hired by Kimberly Clark a few years ago to design the art for holiday Kleenex packaging exclusively for Target.


I took MATS A Spring 2015. Since I made this piece and taken MATS I’ve learned to look at my art differently and now combine technology with handwork to get the best of both worlds! I hope to utilize my new skills to further evolve my art in 2016.

See more of Betz’s work here: Website


Karen Eide Studios

Angel ornament.“Sometimes an angel. Sometimes not. My wings zip on and off.”

Karen Eide

I recently finished MATS A. Gathering inspiration, execution, presentation, time management, and gaining an in-depth understanding of 5 different markets- while exploring and honing my style- are just a few of the things I loved about and learned from this journey. The fact that I subsequently purchased the entire roster of classes should convey my level of enthusiasm about Lilla’s classes! Pursuing the world of licensed art is no longer a mystery to me.

See more of Karen’s work here: Facebook | Instagram


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.


The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 8

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 8 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Trudi Murray

I have challenged myself to make a black and white illustration every day in Advent and post them day by day on my social media channels. So far, so good! (I’ve managed it every day).


While doing MATS A, I decided to make more use of the daily doodles and sketches I already do in my sketchbook. I realised that they can be a strong part of my portfolio, showing who I am and what I think about.

So, next year, I aim to mine the rich seam of beautiful weirdness already in my sketchbooks, and get it on my website! I also want to look for an agent, draw the pictures for my childrens’ book and get some wall art licenced. All of this was a vague, dreamy idea before MATS. It is now a battle plan!

I’m so thankful for the input from the course, and everything I learnt.

See more of Trudi’s work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Melanie Ritchie / MellyBird Designs

A piece for my digital scrapbooking kit. A preview of scrapbooking papers which are sold as part of a digital kit at Pixels & Company

I took the first Mats Bootcamp (2014), MATS A (Fall 2014), MATS B (Fall 2015)

The classes have given me a focus on creating the art that makes me happiest rather than getting lost in the negativity of thinking I should be further along in my career, or catering to trends that don’t fit my style. My goal for 2016 is to keep creating and eventually reaching out to art directors.

See more Melanie’s work here: Website


Constanze Guhr | atelier petit4

I illustrated a Christmas activity book for Random House Germany (cbj)It has 128 pages and is full of puzzles, coloring pages, little DIY-ideas and christmas gift ideas. It can be purchased here:

I have taken the MATS classes A and B in 2015

The most important thing I learned was that people will buy my joy and to do lots of things to look at.

See more of Constanze’s work here: Website | Blog


Frankie | You’ve Got Pen on your Face


I live in Moscow so I drew this image of St Basil’s Cathedral with a Christmassy vibe. It is now for sale in 4 shops here!

I have taken the MATS A class. The classes helped me in so many ways. They inspired me to sketch everyday and not to be afraid of what comes out. To persevere and have fun! I also found that the classes kept me really busy, which in turn brought me commissioned work from outside the course. I think the more you put in to something, the more you get out.

See more of Frankie’s work here: Facebook | Instagram


Elaine Marie

“Happy Christmas Safari” is a whimsical illustration for those of us who are away from cold climes for the season, living in Africa, and still having a ton of fun! We can go to the beach, we can drive to see the animals, or we can have sundowners and party till it’s 2016; and we’re connecting to the spirit of the season. The bunting gives a taste of the Kenyan inspired fabric I am creating for Surtex 2016!


In 2015 I enrolled in MATS Home Decor, MATS A and MATS B (self-paced), also in the Global Talent Search 2015

The courses have really re-framed how I am approaching art. Rather than working for the next gallery show or self-promoted exhibit only, I am now working toward SURTEX 2016 (Booth 364) and I am designing fabric, gift-wrap and greeting cards, and making my art more accessible to many more people. I am still in love with Kenya-inspired wall art pieces and can’t stop making them, but I think my style is more accessible to a greater audience. I find inspiration in everything Lilla says and what her devoted team brings to her students!

See more of Elaine’s work here: Website | Etsy


Eliza Todd Designs

Please find the design/placement pattern I made for the Mats Festive Showcase. I am in the process of getting my holiday cards ready and was inspired by this tradition :-)


I have taken the MATS Home Decor class and just finished MATS A. I have learned many many things from the classes including but not limited to practical business advice, the instruction around envisioning and planning art for product, the priceless community and mostly the messages Lilla provides regarding the journey towards realizing your dream and your own style. The courses have made a huge impact on my journey and business!

See more of Eliza’s work here: Website | Instagram


Melissa Iwai

This polar bear card is now being sold locally in my neighborhood of Brooklyn (as well as in my Society 6 store, as is another MATS B assignment which I made into postcards. These can be purchased here


I’ve taken: MATS A and B, MATS Bootcamp 2014, 2015

MATS classes were a game changer for me. I’ve worked as a children’s book illustrator for fifteen years, and I wanted to try and get into licensing. I ended up changing my style, and the way I work, and since taking the MATS course, I’ve gotten two two-book deals – one last year and one this year, and I have sold a new manuscript and dummy for a book that will be published in 2017. The first two book deal I got from a MATS 2014 Bootcamp assignment! The second was from personal work I did last year that I would not have thought to do had I not joined the MATS community and taken the course, so it was indirectly related. Next spring, I will have a new book out with Henry Holt, and it will be the first published piece since adapting my illustration process from my MATS 2014 Bootcamp experience.

I have been taking baby steps into licensing and selling products while working on my book jobs. I hope to do much much more in 2016, including opening an etsy store to sell my products and procure some licensing deals with companies. :)

I’m ever thankful for Lilla and her sage teachings, as well as the amazingly talented, supportive, and nurturing MATS community I found during the past couple of years!

See more of Melissa’s work here: Website | Shop


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.



The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 7

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 7 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Colee Wilkinson

This holiday scene was composed using elements from my recent MATSB class. An animated version can be viewed on the landing page of my website

Colee Wilkinson

This time last year, I knew so little about the illustration and licensing business. Taking both MATSA and MATSB in 2015 opened up a whole new world for me, strengthened my commitment and prepared me for professional level projects. I look forward to MATSC, building my portfolio and making lots of art in 2016!

See more of Colee’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Linda Arandas


It’s been quite a growing season for me as I participated in the Global Talent Search (twice) and MATS Home Decor 2015. My creative journey began 20 years ago when I took my first calligraphy class. I LOVE lettering and often incorporate it into my art. As Lilla says “people buy your JOY” and I hope it shows through each piece I create! As the new year approaches I have many goals and big dreams involving the world of art licensing. I’m grateful for all of the support and encouragement I’ve received from Lilla, her team and my awesome MATS classmates.

See more of Linda’s work here: Website | Instagram


Tessa Rath/ Tessa Rath Illustration

I made this design as a holiday postcard.


I took MATS Bootcamp 2014 and 2015

Through MATS I found my tribe and got connected to many georgous like minded artists, who helped me to grow and to develope my style. Lately I signed my first book contract with a big German publisher 2 month ago. The next steps for my art in 2016 is to dive deeper into
the Childrens´ Book Market.

See more of Tessa’s work here: Website


Gina Maldonado | Coco Gigi Design

I’ve been obsessed with owls for the past few months and I wanted to create a festive design with them. My design will be available for purchase with my agents in this link 


I just finished MATS part B October 2015.

The class was very inspiring and it allowed me to explore themes and markets I didn’t know much about. The idea of the minis is wonderful (thank you Lilla!) and it has helped me to improve my icons. My fellow classmates were very positive and supportive; I really enjoyed sharing this experience with them. 
See more of Gina’s work here: Website | Blog | Facebook


Laurence Lavallee aka Flo

Here is the start of an advent calendar for the Christmas season.


I Took MATS A-B, Home Deco and bootcamp 2015 and I had the chance and privilege to be part of The Global Art Gathering in Brighton this year.

One thing that MATS taught me is to set myself challenges. I seem to thrive when push to my limits so this year I decide to create an advent calendar for the Christmas season.

See more of Laurence’s work here: Facebook | Instagram


Sandrine Monnier

It’s a card for holidays I made during MATS B in October (paper week).


I have taken MATS Bootcamp, MATS Home decor course and MATS B.

All theses classes help me to understand different market, improve my work and find some confidence in. Now the next steps for me is to show my work to company and in 2006 I will do again MATS Bootcamps.

See more of Sandrine’s work here: Website| Facebook


Victoria Fitton


MATS/PART A, which I participated in Oct/Nov of this years was brilliant for so many reasons. Firstly it was a way of making a pledge to myself to underline how important my creativity is and to say to myself “Right come on, it’s time to take this to the next level.” It also gave me a huge insight into the many markets which could be potentially applicable to my work.

I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes you need someone to teach you these things. As I am literally off the back of the course, I don’t know if it is filtering through into my work as yet. But I will continue to reflect upon Lilla’s priceless words of wisdom, the superb interviews and masses of work from other like minded artists to further my journey. First up on the 2016 to do list for me, is to find an agent! Thanks again to all involved in my MATS class, I loved it.

See more of Victoria’s work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.



The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 6

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 6 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Lisa Nishimura

I designed this Vintage Holiday Ornaments Card in the self-paced Mats B class.


I have taken MATS A, and started MATS B self-paced

Taking the MATS classes have been the best things I’ve done for myself in 2015. I’ve learned so much and experimented with different styles in such a short amount of time. I’ve signed up for the big bundle so I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in 2016.

See more of Lisa’s work here: Website | Blog


Christine Anderson

I wanted to take a vintage and unique spin on Christmas. This is approx. 14″x 17″ and done with color pencil.


I have taken Bootcamp and MATS Creating Collections for Home Décor. These classes have really helped me with the thought processes involved in creating art for commercial use. The way I think about projects before I start is very different now. The assignments have allowed me to play with themes and color that I wouldn’t normally. The next steps for me this coming year is to start getting my work out there and licensing and selling it! And of course, making more great art :)

See more of Christine’s work here: Website


Kevin Brackley
I created this illustration for an advent calendar Instagram challenge run by the Four Corners Art Collective. I am a member of this collective with six other artists and it was launched in November this year. I’d love to see this on cards and other stationery and it’s available for licensing.
I took Bootcamp in January this year and found that it encouraged me to “have a go” and explore the creative process more. The online community was extremely supportive and I feel more confident in my art. I’ve taken the plunge and will be exhibiting at Surtex in May 2016 with the Four Corners Art Collective, so I’m busy creating lots of great work at the moment.
See more of Kevin’s work here: Website | Art Collective Website | Instagram

Anke Weckmann

A festive (and a little grumpy) cat, hiding in a forest of Christmas trees which can be purchased here.


I have taken MATS B

I had been feeling a little stuck with my work for a while and taking the MATS B class this autumn was the best idea I had! It was so much fun and I feel so happy and inspired again every day to be making art. I have plans to send my work out to the markets we learned about in class and I’m looking forward to taking the Bootcamp class in 2016!

See more of Anke’s work here: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Shop

Anne Lehman | Sunny Spot Studio

My holiday card design, Snow Globe with Dove, evolved from my idea to illustrate a snow globe that could represent a world full of joy, peace, and love. The cards and gift tags are available on Etsy


I took MATS Bootcamp in 2014 and 2015. I also participated in the Global Talent Search in 2015. Before taking the MATS courses, I had no idea how I should build my portfolio and learn about the world of art licensing. Since taking Bootcamp in 2014, I have built my illustration portfolio greatly and discovered joy in making art again. My process of creating art and my career have changed in positive ways. I look forward to building on this even more in 2016. A huge bonus from the courses is the community of other artists that you meet and connect with. It is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me!

See more of Anne’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Etsy


Ashley Lotecki Design

I’ve recently been working on a collection of fun handcrafted recycled paper holiday greeting cards and tags.

Classes taken: MATS A + B (original run), MATS Bootcamp 2014 + 2015

Being part of the MATS community and taking the courses has really pushed me to constantly explore and strive to evolve my creative voice. Looking forward to 2016, I’m excited to be working on a line of handmade products that will be sold in a retail store, creating more fun surface pattern collections, and developing new relationship with clients.

See more of Ashely’s work here: Website | Facebook | Blog


Allyn Howard

This is a little acrylic painting called “Holiday Bliss” because it includes some of my favorite things like a dog, gum drops, hot cocoa, ornaments. I would like to make it gift wrap and I think it could even be used for fabric. If you’d like to see some of my other Christmas-y art, I just posted some New (& a few older) on my blog


I took MATS 3A and bootcamp last spring. It’s hard to say what has influenced me the most from classes, but I made some of my favorite pieces in them, especially for the bootcamp assignments. The design I’m including here, illustrates a use of icons that Lilla often emphasizes. I’ve made several holiday inspired pieces recently and I like the idea of having a collection of icons from which to pick and choose for various art. I think Lilla’s course really motivated me and gave me confidence to move forward, especially looking at surface design more seriously. I appreciate the encouragement to connect on social media.

The private Facebook group is great because everyone on there shares information, inspiration and advice when we need it. Meeting and befriending some classmates from other parts of the world, and here (in NYC) also, makes you feel less alone in your endeavor. I also do a lot more sketching without worrying about the end result. I loved getting the mini assignments before the main one, which always has a little twist to it. All in all, I think MATS gave me a better idea of what is marketable, while encouraging me to push my own ideas and style, making sure the work stays fun, allowing your “joy to show through” as she would say.

I’m currently working on my goal list for 2016. It includes contacting art directors/ manufacturers, hopefully leading to some partnerships with the companies on my ‘dream list’ and potential ‘bread & butter’ list ;) At the moment, I really want to design some fabrics, wall paper and gift wrap and ceramic dishware. Children’s books remain on my priority list, as well. Ok, everything I want to do everything. As of yesterday, I have an “accountability partner”, an artist in the business. This should help push us both and help me prioritize my goals for 2016. I also have some Skillshare classes on lettering, pattern making and other technical related classes -(photoshop & illustrator) that I want to get to.

See more of Allyn’s work here


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.




The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 5

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 5 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Lisa Kirkbride

This image is a Christmas themed image for a promotional postcard we are producing for the art collective I am now a member of – Finch & Foxglove. We all worked to a consistent coloured palette and the image was inspired by the designs I made for the party paper assignment in Week 5 of MATSB.

Lisa Kirkbride

I have taken MATSA (twice!), MATSB (twice!), MATS Creating Collections for Home Decor, Bootcamp (twice!) & I also had a fantastic time at the Global Art Gathering.

MATS has given me more confidence, tools and industry knowledge and the assignments have been both challenging and fun. As a result of MATS I am now a part of a collective – Finch &Foxglove. We are 8 artists (4 from Europe and 4 from the US) and we will be exhibiting at Surtex in 2016 – something which I would never of believed possible before starting on MATS (in fact a few of us met at Global Art Gathering in Brighton which was a brilliant experience).

The class Facebook community is invaluable and I love being part of a group of encouraging, supportive and inspirational artists. I’m looking forward to 2016, new challenges and experiences, developing my portfolio and meeting all my fellow finches (and lots more familiar faces) in New York in May.

See more of Lisa’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Canigrin Chen

Be Merry postcard – Ski season christmas greeting card can be purchased here
Canigrin-ChenI have taken MATS A

I used to panic about not having the right topic to create, and often stuck when it comes to the ‘coloring’ part in my creating process. In MATS A, there’s huge part of the class that I learn from the classmates. I got immediate help from choosing colors to drawing technique. It’s a feel of being surround physically by a group of talented artist even we’re miles away in every corner of the world. After seeing how everyone has her own unique take on the same topic, I feel escalated and thus never worried about finding new inspiration. Now my panic is about there are so many topics I love to work on but I don’t have enough time to do them all at once!

My next step will be explore more in pattern design, to spend more time creating and make more product in my little shop and also aims to license my art here in Taiwan. I’m happy I took this class which really push me to leave my comfort zone, so that I can see my work evolves!

See more of Canigrin’s work here: Instagram | Facebook


Lisa Baudry

A holiday season card design completed during the MATS B course this year. My greeting card design features a toy train built from a set of wooden blocks. I chose a vintage colour palette and built up my design in layers, incorporating various hand-drawn elements alongside photographed ones.

I have taken MATS A (20140 & B (2015) and MATS Bootcamp (2015)

My artwork is evolving thanks to teaching and support of Lilla Rogers and the MATS community she has established. The courses have helped clarify my art process and given me tools to address psychological barriers I had towards my art-making.

The assignments have stretched me in directions I wouldn’t have gone in otherwise with subject matter and art direction that has provided me with a whole lot of new work for my portfolio and plenty of other artistic material to keep working with.

2016 I wish to consolidate and evolve my work as I believe my signature style will emerge. I have been taught by Lilla to stay open and look for opportunities. I will continue to do this and I am excited about what is around the corner!

See more of Lisa’s work here:


Nataša Kaiser illustration

I’m happy to showcase this snowman couple I did for our Finch & Foxglove Art Collective Adventcalendar!

I took MATS A, MATS B and was in the semifinals of this years Global Talent Search. I had fun in Bootcamp – I’ll be definitely back for more!

From the classes I learned to build up a piece of art step by step by enjoying the Mini Assignments and putting things together to a „grand final“ in the and – what a joy! Also I’m happy and thankful to have found many new fellow artists, colleagues and friends – well, my ‘tribe’! – to feel connected, and be able to ask and share!

I met 7 awesome ladies in your classes and together we are planning to go to SURTEX next year (as FinchandFoxglove) – this is so exciting and I’m looking forward to meet many of my new virtual contacts and friends in real life! Thank you for all those wonderful opportunities and experiences – 2016 is going to be so exciting!

See more of Nataša’s work here:


Natalie Lymer | Cinderberry

“Remember the time Rudolf arrived in his knitted suit”?


I just completed my first Lilla course MATS A – coming back in 2016 for more :)

I love how I can see the progression of my artwork with each new piece created during MATS A. 2016 will be a year of further development while I complete MATS B, Home Decor and Bootcamp and I work on my portfolio – so excited to see my work evolve to a new level.

See more of Natalie’s work here: Website | Facebook


Dominika Bozic/Les Chérubins

‘Santa is a girl’ collection includes gift card, gift tag and a bookmark with my original illustration made with acrylics on canvas. They are all professionally printed on a high quality paper. Gift card comes with a three different 3d stickers and a bookmark is finished off with a lamination and comes with my handmade tassel.


I have attended MATS Bootcamp 2015

Bootcamp helped me a lot in a way to do more research work and dig deep in my soul before starting to work on my illustrations, to try something new like new color palette, new medium, to sketch more before starting working on a final piece.

It also helped me to connect with so many talented artists around the world and be able to ask them for any advice or help when ever I need although the class is over. I am inspired with the work from all those artists and by looking at their work it keeps me motivated to work more and to develop my skills.

See more of Dominika’s work here: Blog | Facebook | Instagram


Margaret Baxter
Fabric design for a fat quarter size. Great for pillows or quilts. Holiday festive. The fabric can be purchased here

Margaret Baxter

I just finished the MATS A class and I will say I had a blast. Got some great info on how to sell my work and had a lot of great input from Lilla and other artists that was really inspirational and helpful. It has given me more confidence and a new drive to get my work out there.

See more of Margaret’s work here:


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.


The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 4

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 4 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Mara Penny

Winter Forest: Winter birds, pine cones and edelweiss inspired by Bavarian folk art.

Mara_PennyI have taken MATS A twice, MATS B twice, Bootcamp twice, Global Talent Search twice, MATS Creating Collections for Home Decor and attended the Global Art Gathering –  I’m a little bit obsessed ;)

MATS changed my life. True story. MATS started a fire inside of me that I thought had gone out. I am madly chasing my dream to become a full time artist and MATS has given me the tools to do that. I met a group of women in Brighton, at the Global Art Gathering, and was asked to join their art collective, Finch and Foxglove. We are showing as a group at Surtex this spring!

See more of Mara’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Francesca Iannaccone

“Comfort & Joy”- I’m posting a Christmas artwork every day on Instagram to build up my Christmas portfolio. This one was for ‘Mulled wine’ and is available for licensing. It will also become a collection, with a pattern design and various other illustrations on the theme.


I have taken MATS Bootcamp twice and entered the Global Talent Search. My work has grown immeasurably since joining. Bootcamp really helps you grow your portfolio because each month is themed for a different market. Little ideas become big projects and ideas flow.

My plan for 2016 is to grow my seasonal portfolio (Christmas, Valentines etc) with lots of new designs available to license. And I would love to find an agent, I’m raring to go!

See more of Francesca’s work here:


Rebekah Melchert | RebekahA designs

I was listening to the Nutcracker soundtrack this season and thought, “Just what the heck is a sugar plum anyway?” This artwork was inspired by that thought. It is available as a print but my favorite, is the pillow. Purchase here

rebekahadesignsI have taken MATS A & MATS Bootcamp

I took a sabbatical from a corporate gig in 2014 and used the time off to do MATS A. In February of 2015, I resigned from that corporate gig to focus on making art. MATS classes gave me hope and courage. Being surrounded by the “best of the best” artists in class inspires anyone to work towards that level. The community of artists help you feel so not alone and Lilla’s cheerleading and insights are invaluable. Her most recent thought, “You won’t be right for 99% of jobs, but you will be for 1%.” is on constant loop in my head. Reminds me to just keep going….

See more of Rebekha’s work here:


Mitzie Testani

Christmas card, wrapping paper and gift tags


I have taken Assignment Bootcamp, MATS Creating Collections for Home Décor, MATS B (and I’ve signed up for more!)

Lilla’s classes have been the kick in the pants that I needed to start producing more and to put energy back into my work. In one year, I have created almost as many pieces as I had in the previous 3 years. I have also become so much more confident about producing quickly. I have also experimented more, while strengthening and embracing my own unique style.

Maybe most importantly, I have found an amazing group of artists who continually push themselves, while encouraging and motivating me to keep challenging myself and who let me lean on them when necessary. It can be difficult to work alone, even if you love what you are doing. My art life feels so much more joyous.

See more of Mitzie’s work here:


Lucinda Kidney

A fun animal themed holiday train card which I designed in MATS 4B

Lucinda Kidney

I have taken Bootcamp 2014 & 2015, MATS A twice, MATS B twice, MATS Creating Collectiongs for Home Decor and taken part in the Global Talent Search.
I found the MATS classes extremely helpful in terms of kickstarting my career after a 12 year break to raise my family and live abroad.
The MATS minis helped me to rediscover my love for drawing and experimenting with different media and I can see my style developing and evolving.
In my sketchbooks I continue to use the mini concept to develop ideas for new briefs which I find to be a valuable tool!
In 2016 I plan to put what I have learned through MATS over the last couple of years into practice and get my art out there!
Last, but by no means least, I have met wonderful friends through the private Facebook groups! :-)

See more of Lucinda’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Jules Gissler

My Holiday card below: Painting (20” x 16”) and boxed set of 8 cards tied with a ribbon, available through my website

JulesGisslerI have taken Mats A & B, Bootcamp, and Home Decor classes. It made me push my style in other directions. I found myself paying more attention to the colors I use and thinking twice in the way I use black line. I realized I need to take photoshop classes and become more familiar with that. I redesigned my logo during the classes.

Being exposed to all areas of applications in which to use my art, I realized my strengths and areas of weakness. I also became more apparent which areas gave me more joy in creating and which were more work. In 2016, I hope to find representation for my art and have it become more my stable income and hopefully quit my part time job and concentrate fully on the future of my art.

See more of Jules’ work here: Website| Facebook | Book


Kim Fleming | Kim Fleming Illustration

I love illustrating animals, and this piece was created for all the woodland animal lovers out there. Made with watercolours, hand-carved stamps, and a whole lotta love. Available to purchase here


I have taken MATS A+B plus 2 rounds of Bootcamp

The MATS classes have helped my art improve immeasurably. Moving over into the world of licensing from publishing, the classes helped me to understand what makes a successful licensing image, and pushed me to always go add that ‘extra’ to make an image sparkle. Next steps for my art in 2016 are expanding my licensing folio, and also a foray into writing and illustrating picture books (up until now I have only illustrated).

See more of Kim’s work here:


Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.


Gumdrops, Glitter and the importance of Play

Every Tuesday afternoon, Lilla Rogers, top international art agent, has been doing live video interactive Periscopes sharing her thoughts, answering questions and giving out advice to artists. If you haven’t stopped in to say hello, please do. Simply download the Periscope app and “follow” @ LillaRogers.

This past Tuesday, just for fun, she demonstrated making holiday ornaments from gumdrops and glitter… yum! Lilla believes in the power of play and making the time for yourself to explore creative outlets. “People buy your joy” is a well-loved mantra by Lilla.

And what a better time for a recharge and break to play than during the busy and hectic holiday season. “Creative play energizes you and gets you back to the joy of making art, unpressured and without a deadline,” says Lilla. Check out the full Periscope here on Katch. Here’s your step-by-step guide on making your own gumdrop holiday ornament.

1. Some things you will need before you get started are gumdrops and/or candies from your local shop. Glitter, glue, glue gun and a papier-mâché or styrofoam ball from a craft supply shop.


FullSizeRender-1 (2)



2. Then, you simply take the hot glue gun and squeeze one row of glue around the ball in one line.  Then, start adding the gumdrops or other candies in the row and continue until you cover the ball.


3. Next, sprinkle the glitter onto a plate. Dot the ends of the gumdrops with a dab of glue. Then, kiss the ends of the gumdrops into the glitter.


4. Some balls already come with a hanging loop, but if not, take a paperclip and simply insert into the styrofoam ball. Then straighten out the end and shape it into a hook.

Join Lilla next Tuesday afternoon (ET) Dec. 15th on periscope for some creative play to recharge! Watch the whole video here and follow along. Lilla also chats about creativity, art careers, and her courses.


Reine and the MATS Team

The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 3

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 3 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Courtney Beth Keller / One Little Printshop

This little llama in the snow with a disco ornament began its life as a design for the Illustration Advent Calendar that my art collective (Finch & Foxglove) is doing. I should add that all the members of the Finch & Foxglove Collective are MATS alum.


I’ve taken MATS Bootcamp, MATS A&B and MATS Home Decor.

I can hardly believe it’s only been during 2015 that I have taken all the MATS courses; the personal growth in my creative world this year has been astounding to me, and I credit the inspiration, information and community I have experienced through my MATS courses.

I have a Spoonflower shop with over 100 patterns available to purchase, a growing book of pattern collections, and I hope to connect with some of my favorite companies in 2016, and am gearing up to attend Surtex! Thank you to the Make Art That Sells community.

See more of Courtney’s work here:


Angela Sbandelli

Here is a greeting card I made to send to my clients

In 2015 I took Bootcamp and then MATS A, I couldn’t miss the last chance to have Lilla’s reviews!
They both were very useful in different ways: in Bootcamp I especially learnt the importance of an artist support community, which is great to grow ideas and find help for technical questions
and any sort of doubt. MATS A gave me information about markets I didn’t know and even the week dedicated to children’s book (which I’m in already) gave me hint to improve my work especially through Zoe Tucker and Lilla’s precious review.

For next year my goal is to keep working on children’s book and maybe reaching new clients, but I also want to explore the new possibilities MATS A showed.

See more of Angela’s work here: Website | Blog


Tjarda Borsboom

This is the holiday card I created for the paper goods week in Mats B last year.

Tjarda Borsboom

I have taken Mats A, Mats B and Bootcamp. These classes helped me creating good pieces for my portfolio and also gave me the confidence to send my work out.

Next year I am planning to take Bootcamp again. The group is fantastic, and it definitely help me to create new pieces on a regular base.

See more of Tjarda’s work here: Website | Flickr | Behance


Kathy Moncrief aka Kathy-o

My image is watercolor and colored pencil with additional images via Photoshop.

I’ve taken MATS A and B in 2015, have two Bootcamps (2014 & 2015) and taken part in the Global Talent Search twice.

MATS has opened up a whole new world for me. It’s not only given me the tools I need to participate in the world of Art Licensing, but it’s given me something even more valuable…the support and the “tribe” of like-minded artists who lift me up every single day and let me know that I’m where I belong. It’s priceless.

For the new year I’m determined to take all of the things I’ve learned from Lilla and the MATS classes and get down to business. LITERALLY. I’m jumping in with both feet and am hoping to not only find representation, but to market my work and get some clients!!

See more of Kathy’s work here:


Tracey English

I am working on some Christmas gift wrap for a U.K company, they saw my Christmas designs on line and were keen for me to develop something with them. The image below is called waiting for Christmas!!


I took the original MATS A AND B class and then Home Decor and and a couple of Bootcamps.

I did the first classes as a way of getting out of being stuck in a rut with my work, I had taken a long break from my illustration work while my family were young and I was struggling to get going again, the MATS classes came along at just the right time for me, i started experimenting and began working with paper tissue collage and the first image I did like that was licensed through Design House Greeting as a greeting card.

My work has slowly been evolving ever since and I am now at a place that I feel happy and confident about what I am producing.

I loved the Home Decor course and I managed to sell a range from that course to a U.S home wares company and also license a few of designs too! I also signed up with a U.S licensing agent this year so I am excited about 2016 and what surprises it may bring!

See more of Tracey’s work here: Website | Blog


Betsy Siber

This design is my project for the final week of MATS B – Party Paper. I created a joyful yet sophisticated, nondenominational party set that I knew I wouldn’t be able to pass up if I saw it for sale at the store.


I have taken MATS A – Spring 2015 and then MATS B – Fall 2015

I made a big shift in my creative endeavors last year and went from jewelry making to illustration. I had been tinkering around with the idea for a few months and wasn’t quite sure how to get started. I saw info on Lilla’s course and was signed up within a few hours. It has been an amazing way to jumpstart my illustration career from the very beginning. I have watched my work change and grow dramatically, and I now have the confidence and knowledge to promote and license my work.

See more of Beth’s work here:


Ruth Hickson

Fun geometric patterned Christmas tree ornament, hand screen printed on soft grey marl felt, finished with a sequin and co-ordinating ribbon hanger. Available to purchase here.


I took part in MATS B October 2015

Doing Mats B this autumn has been amazing, it gave me freedom and structure to explore new ideas and styles and also opened me up to how simply creating more, drawing, drawing drawing and doing what you love can reinvigorate your work. Meeting my fellow students on Facebook was incredible, the support from them was so motivating and I have had so many helpful hints and tips from them, its been brilliant. I have already sold card designs that I produced during the course and the map created in Map week has been a great hit locally.

Next year I am going to focus on my deign work and do more, more, more! I will pluck up the courage to approach companies direct, enter competitions, start a blog, do more local maps and still find time to do Bootcamp in the Spring!

See more of Ruth’s work here: Portfolio | Facebook | Etsy



Transform your art career and Make Art That Sells. Registration is open for  Creating Collections for Home Decor (starts 25 January, 2016),  Assignment Bootcamp (starts March 2016) and our amazing self-paced versions of MATS A & MATS B which include a huge vault of reviews from Lilla and class assignments from all our previous sessions.