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#mygtsprep – Mini Assignment 3: The Word

Q: What do these four images have in common?

All Photos (c) Lilla Rogers and may not be used without permission

All Photos (c) Lilla Rogers and may not be used without permission

A: They all have the word “the” in them. Did you spot that?



Mini assignment 3: The word

As your third mini in preparation for the 2015 Global Talent Search, your mission today is to photograph the word “the” wherever you see it.

How many “the” words can you find in the course of your day? Look high and low. In addition to finding existing text, you can make a word “the” out of pebbles, or draw it in sand for example. You can hand write or paint the word. Anything goes here. The point is to find a variety of typographic treatments in all kinds of places. You’ll understand better why this is valuable when you get the first Global Talent Search assignment, but for now, go forth and obsess the word “the”!

Then, share what you find or draw on social media, including the hashtags #mygtsprep #theword. To make sure I see it, please include the following:

Have fun!



This mini is to help you get ready for the 2015 Global Talent Search which kicks off shortly, and offers the chance to win two years’ representation from Lilla Rogers Studio, a host of licensing deals and other fabulous prizes. If you have not yet registered, book your place here but hurry, registration closes at 3:59pm PDT / 6:59pm EDT / 11:59pm BST (UK) on August 12. Someone has to win and it might just be you!


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  • Hi, a few days ago I sent you an e-mail but I guess it got lost, so I’m trying here… Is this talent search for Illustrators only? I’m a graphic designer / digital artist, but I don’t do illustrations… so I was wondering if I could register after all?
    Thank you so much for getting back to me!
    Anja (Belgium)

    date August 7, 2015

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