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Frida Hammar’s Bootcamp 2017 assignment submissions 

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“People buy your joy. The consumer does, the manufacturer does, the art director does. They can sense it in your work. So how do I help you find that place of joy in your art-making? That’s what I do in my courses.” – Lilla Rogers

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You’ll get fun and marketable subject matter geared toward the hottest markets such as Gift, Children’s Books, Editorial (magazines illustration), Wall Art, to name a few. The subject matter is drawn from the trend reports that Lilla creates for her own highly-successful artists. Now you can get a sneak peek at that inside information.

The assignments are meant to inspire and challenge you. You’ll make fresh pieces in your own style that sell to hot markets. You’re encouraged to be yourself and do it your way, in your medium.

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What’s new for Assignment Bootcamp 2018?

Assignment Bootcamp is always full of lots of creative goodness, and 2018 is going to include some new and exciting extras!

NEW! We’ll have the pleasure of being joined by industry and product expert Margo Tantau, who has years of experience creatively directing for companies including Hallmark, Madison Park Greetings, and Midwest-CBK! Margo also co-teaches the hugely popular Creating Collections for Home Décor course with Lilla. She’ll be joining us as an expert contributor & will be sharing all kinds of insider information on various markets throughout each month of Bootcamp!

NEW! Lilla will be doing one of her fabulous Facebook Lives the very first day of class on January 8th when you get your first mini assignment. She’ll answer your questions and give you some juicy pro tips, so sign up now! Don’t miss out on one of our most popular e-courses.

Audrey Szabo’s Bootcamp 2017 assignment submissions

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Want to see your artwork in this year’s MATS holiday newsletter?

*New contest alert!*

Art by Katie Vernon

We’re feeling festive at Make Art That Sells! We’re looking for art to animate for our 2017 Make Art That Sells holiday newsletter.

The winner will get their artwork animated (and will win a little something extra)!

If selected, your animated art will go out in our newsletter to tons of artists, art directors, and agents! Here’s an example of animated art:

Art by Kate Mason and animation by Natasha Dewitz


Lilla has come up with an assignment for you to illustrate: Draw your favorite festive winter beverage! Hot cocoa with chocolate sauce? Spearmint tea with wild honey and peppermint leaves as a garnish? Brandy egg nog in a vintage shot glass? Is it in your favorite mug? Do you drink it with friends or alone on a hammock? Do you want to draw it as a recipe, listing the ingredients? How did you come up with this drink? Is there a story behind it? Why is it your favorite? Is it traditional in your country? Is it a made-up beverage?

You have total creative freedom, just make it holiday-ish in some way! Lettering is fine to add. Add your name/signature to your art.


  • Create your image as a Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (AI) file
  • Size: 2100 x 1500 pixels and landscape (7” x 5”)
  • 300 dpi
  • RGB
  • Your art needs to be in layers so that it can be animated. Any number of layers is fine.


  • Submit a JPG
  • 150 dpi
  • RGB
  • Size: 2100 x 1500 pixels and landscape (7” x 5”)

Please only email us the 150 dpi JPG. The winners will be notified once chosen & then we’ll ask for the PSD or AI file before having it animated.

Due Date:

Send your holiday-themed artwork to [email protected] before midnight (PST) December 10th. *See competition rules below.


Lilla will choose the winner and Natasha Dewitz** will work her animation magic for the holiday card, which will be shared in a holiday newsletter with the MATS community at the end of December.


Be sure to follow us on Instagram for daily festive inspiration through Sunday, the 10th of December! Share your artwork with us using the hashtag #MATSholidaycard!

Don’t forget to submit your artwork before midnight PST on the 10th!

We can’t wait to see all your submissions!

The MATS Team xx

*COMPETITION RULES: Maximum one entry per person. Any and all work submitted must be your own. You give permission to Make Art That Sells to use any images you submit to this competition in any current or future class-related marketing or promotional strategies, online or offline. You will always be credited and will retain the rights to your work. The winner will be chosen by Lilla Rogers. Please ensure your entry is submitted in JPEG format at 150 DPI (saved for web). The winner will be notified once Lilla has chosen, and will be requested to submit the original PSD or AI file for animation. All submissions must be emailed to [email protected]. Submissions sent elsewhere and/or in the incorrect format will not be considered as entries to the competition. Any submissions received after the closing time of 11:59 PM PST on December 10th, 2017 will not be eligible. This competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 from any country. There is no cash alternative.

**If you’re interested in having Natasha work on your project, send an email to [email protected]

Alumni success ‘spotlight’ interview with Meghann Rader


We are so proud of our Make Art That Sells Alumni, and we are pleased to feature a series of spotlight interviews showcasing their successes and artwork. We’ve asked them to share how the MATS courses have helped them learn and grow. You can see more Alumni Success stories here


Today, we have an interview with Meghann Rader who has taken MATS A and B, Bootcamp, Illustrating Children’s Books and entered our previous Global Talent Search.

Tell us a little about how you got started in art and design

Like most artists, I’ve always been making art in some form or another. I eventually made my way to the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia where I studied painting and printmaking. Art school was a great experience but it didn’t teach me anything about making a living from my art. I left school feeling very lost and ended up working at a local art supply store for several years before making another go at art. I tried my hand at Etsy for a while and was even a featured seller at one point but things never really took off for me there. I discovered Lilla and the MATS classes at a real low point in my creative life and I new instantly that this was the right path for me.

Lilla always says “People buy your joy.” What brings you joy?’

What brings me joy is getting lost for hours in the process of art making. It’s a meditative place that I find incredibly calming but also very challenging and satisfying at the same time. The possibilities of new ideas are always exciting and nothing is more rewarding than pushing through the difficulties of a piece and finding something beautiful and unexpected on the other side.

Which is your favorite market(s) to design for and why?

I once had a teacher at art school tell me that I was a 2D person which is so true! I like a good old flat surface to work on. I’m in love with all forms of stationary and books. I would also love to try my hand at some editorial work. I really enjoy the story telling aspect that those markets allow for as well.

What are you working on currently?

I’m working on a couple of exciting projects that are top secret at the moment! I’m also part way through a personal project that I’ve really been enjoying, illustrating the signs of the Zodiac. Once things calm down a bit I’d really like to spend some time working on my book illustration portfolio.

What are some of the key things you have learnt from the MATS experience?

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is how to make a living as an artist. I had never heard of licensing before and commercial illustration was not a topic of conversation at my conceptually driven art school. Lilla also taught me how to break a brief down into scheduled manageable chunks which has really helped me confidently tackle larger jobs. As she says, “Yard by yard it’s hard, inch by inch, it’s a cinch!”

How have the classes helped your artwork evolve /grow?

The classes gave me time and permission to experiment. I could see my work developing with each new piece and Lilla’s wise words are so encouraging. I’ve never been someone who can instantly create a piece of art off the top of my head and I would often struggle with starting something new. Now I know exactly how to tackle a new project and I get excited about the possibilities rather than overwhelmed by them.

Any aha moments during MATS you would like to share?

There was a bootcamp assignment to illustrate a 1920’s themed colouring book cover. This was a real aha moment for me because it was the first time I saw my “style” coming out in an authentic way. I really loved the line work and flat colour in that piece and I also realized just how much I love drawing people. Everything just kind of clicked into place when I made that piece.

What are your key successes since taking a MATS class?

This past spring I worked on my first range of stationary with a wonderful company, Bespoke Letterpress. The range is based on the Twelve Days of Christmas and features several greeting cards, gift tags and double sided wrapping paper. Seeing my artwork printed on beautiful card stock with letterpressed gold foil was a real thrill!  I also have a line of tech and phone cases with Case Station,, and have had my work featured in Uppercase Magazine, Flow Lesebuch and Illustrated Maps by Carolina Amell.

How would you describe taking a MATS class to a fellow artist looking to develop their art

Quite simply, MATS taught me everything I wish I learned in art school but didn’t. It really is one of the best things you can do for your creative career. There is so much value packed into these courses as well, they are definitely worth it.

What is your dream gig for your artwork?

I would love to be illustrating books and book covers. My dream gig is to one day illustrate a classic novel.

See more work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram



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The MATS Team xx

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Lilla’s vintage bingo board!

I thought it would be fun to make you a key vintage bingo board so you could analyze your portfolio of work. I’ve listed the kinds of subject matter that attract top jobs. How many squares of the bingo board can you check off? (Post on Instagram using hashtag #MATSbingo. I’d love to see!)

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Alumni success ‘spotlight’ interview with Vicky Woodgate


We are so proud of our Make Art That Sells Alumni, and we are pleased to feature a series of spotlight interviews showcasing their successes and artwork. We’ve asked them to share how the MATS courses have helped them learn and grow. You can see more Alumni Success stories here

Today, we have an interview with Vicky Woodgate who has taken Bootcamp, MATS A, MATS B and MATS Creating Collections for home Decor. 

Tell us a little about how you got started in art and design

I have always wanted to be an artist from as far back as l can remember, so as soon as l could l sped off to art school studying at Chelsea School of Art in London. I finished my degree in Illustration and Graphic Design and like most students went and found myself on round the world back-packing trips. While away l got opportunities to paint murals – many in Australia, l got work as an illustrator for various pop magazines, and T-shirt companies – Australia was good to me.

Once returning to London l “fell” into working in the tv, theme-park and theatre world, painting huge backdrops, sets and rides, for wonderful clients like Universal, Warner Brothers, Tussards, The Globe and the BBC. After 10 years, much travelling and painting up ladders l missed illustration, l packed up and taught myself Illustrator and photoshop and reinvented myself as a digital freelance illustrator. It was hard, l managed to get an agent and l embarked over the next 10 years on editorial, educational and advertising work, it paid the bills but after a while l felt something was missing… hello MATS

Lilla always says “People buy your joy.” What brings you joy?’

Wildlife! The great outdoors –animals, birds, worms.. you name it.

Which is your favorite market(s) to design for and why?

I am new to children’s publishing and find it fascinating! Lets see how this goes for a while.

Vicky Woodgate book illustration

What are you working on currently?

An author-illustrated book about birds from around the world – called A World of Birds, with a journalistic- vintage diary feel with maps, facts and drawings- based on my merchandising line.

What are some of the key things you have learnt from the MATS experience?

Don’t be afraid to try something new, get back to drawing, really do follow your heart when it comes to content and the direction you want to go in.

How have the classes helped your artwork evolve /grow?

It gave me the confidence to try something new, get out of my comfort zone, get back to drawing.

Any aha moments during MATS you would like to share?

I love the philosophy of MATS and what Lilla and the team bring – people really do respond to your passion/joy. This gave me the incentive to just go for it and create a merchandising line after taking HOME DÉCOR. Off the back of that experience l put in a proposal to write and illustrate a book about my passion – wildlife to a publisher I admired.

What are your key successes since taking a MATS class?

Creating a merchandising line based on British wildlife (my joy) and getting a 3 book publishing deal! Yay!  Based on wildlife, tick two for joy.

How would you describe taking a MATS class to a fellow artist looking to develop their art?

Whether you are a beginner or have been in the creative industry for years, that is of no matter, the most important thing is to enjoy what you create, it does not have to be polished, it could just be a spark for something you will revisit later, that is what l took from it, don’t put pressure on yourself and feel you need to create a certain look. Be yourself, also take advice and learn from the teachings and those around you, its such a welcoming supportive community, understand and get used to the deadlines if you are new to this industry, but don’t punish yourself if you fail to finish on time, do it again, and you will get it. It takes practise and before you know it, it will be second nature. Take out of the courses what YOU need, then go out and go for it! But mostly – ENJOY IT!

What is your dream gig for your artwork?

I’ve got it! My first author illustrated book called Urban Jungle just came out, a huge city map book, showing all the wildlife found in our global cities, facts and stories and how we can better understand those creatures living right beside us! I am currently working on a 2nd book followed by the Urban Jungle sequel.


I always thought wouldn’t it be nice to write and illustrate my own book. So I decided to take time out and come up with a few concepts and create a proposal to send to publishers. I had no expectations, l was hopeful but knowing the huge amount of competition out there I was under no illusion that l would ‘land’ a deal. I had 3 ideas and went with my most “passion” subject “Wildlife” with the invaluable help of my great friend Zoe Tucker (who also teaches MATS Illustrating Children’s Books) – she steered me in a few important directions with my proposal. l spent two months coming up with research, look, layout and cover letter. Luckily my chosen publisher also loved the idea and we agreed a deal within a week of submission. Call it luck –timing- or just a good idea? Perhaps a combination of all three and a sprinkle of creative happy dust.

See more work here: Website | Instagram | Chiff chaff studio