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Bootcamp Student Showcase {Part 6} and testimonials!

In our final part of the student showcase, we wanted to share a few of the handful of personal successes and what the students got out of taking Bootcamp.

Graduates of our courses have gone on to win work from clients such as Hallmark, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Oopsy Daisy, Uppercase Magazine, West Elm, Midwest CBK, and more. It is industry learning that works in the real world. Find out more and register HERE



Susan_Carter_Star 17_lores

Susan makin' art

Bootcamp gets me excited and inspired about making art! I have discovered that combining and sharing the things I LOVE with the joy of art making equals MAGIC. I am having FUN and making more art than ever.

Bootcamp has awakened me to soo many NEW possibilities for my artwork. I am looking forward to seeing my art turned into children’s toys, clothing, and decor collections. My art work will also look great on lots of paper goods; greeting cards, gift wrap, stickers, journals, wall art and more. I just finished a few vivid watercolor/collage pieces. I also am working a series of magical bird watercolor paintings that is a continuation of a Bootcamp assignment from last year, a tarot card inspired wall art piece.
I recommend Bootcamp for any artist looking for a super-FUN way to get excited about making art that you LOVE. It is a great place to connect to an inspiring group of artists. I love how each assignment encourages us to see and grow in new ways. Hope to see you there!
See more work here: Website



elizabeth_wood_april (1)

elizabeth_wood_portrait_500pxI really like the format of the month-long Bootcamp assignments. It provides ample time for experimenting. The projects cover a wide range of illustration projects, it has helped me identify markets where my work fits well. It also helps to have assignments that feel like paid projects to further inform me of what it’s like to be a full time illustrator. Last but not least, it has provided an opportunity to build friendships and a supportive network of fellow artists.

I’ve received paid work projects from my portfolio overall including Bootcamp work, so I see that as equally opportune as receiving work solely from Bootcamp assignments. It’s also helpful because Art Directors and other people looking for illustrators can see that one can handle different markets because of the media experimentation and a variety of projects that serve as Bootcamp assignments.

My paid projects have come from my graphic design clients, who now hire me mostly as an illustrator rather than a designer since they see my MATS work posted online. I’ve sold a bunch of original paintings which has been thrilling. Because bootcamp allowed me to explore different media and approaches to making work, it drew the attention of Illustrated Impact —they specifically pointed out that they enjoyed seeing me use different media. They asked me to contribute to their collective in December (they launched it in November) covering an important social justice issue.

Lastly, well regarded illustrators, and a couple of agents have begun to recognize my work as a direct result of all of the MATS classes something which brings me a feeling of deep gratitude. Even though personal satisfaction in my work is paramount, it helps to get positive feedback from industry leading creatives who are inspiring, it keeps me inspired and motivated.

Currently, I’m working on two paid illustration projects (approximately 8 spot illustrations for each project) related to supporting women’s health and reproductive options. I’m also continuing to make work to post to my store. I’m part of an awesome collective with fellow MATSians who are very supportive, kind and talented. Their work and enthusiasm keep me inspired.

A writer I know has asked me to illustrate a book cover, and I’ve had other businesses approach me about doing illustration work, but we’re just in the discussion phases at the moment. I sketch every day outside of work-related imagery. I’ve become addicted to compiling my sketches, using the icon approach, which has been tremendously helpful in expanding my illustration abilities, and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. :)

Bootcamp is very comprehensive course, covering a wide range of projects and markets. There’s a very supportive atmosphere from Lilla, the MATS team, and fellow students/artists. It’s well paced, very informative, well organized, and allows you to create a monthly piece of work that is likely portfolio ready. As an artist/creative person, it can be easy to feel like an oddball outsider in life. The Bootcamp course allows you to authentically feel a sense of belonging with fellow creatives.
See more work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook



MATS Assignment Bootcamp (2016) was my first creative bootcamp. I’ve always been busy with my own projects, but was never fully aware of how to effectively tap into my creativity, from the point of producing a piece that would be commercially viable. During the five months of assignments, I saw not only my style grow in leaps and bounds but also my desire to create more with it. I continue to build my portfolio.

I’ve just sent out my pitch, from the Illustrating Children’s Books course to a selection of publishers. Now it’s back to designing my 1920s colouring book, the cover of which was a Bootcamp assignment (2016). I’m also working on ideas for illustrative food recipes and am in the very early stages of writing my first ever creative e-course. When I have a moment, I plan to make a Blurb book of my best work from 2016.

Bootcamp teaches you how to approach creative assignments in bite-sized portions. From research, sketching and tapping into your personal style. At the end of the Bootcamp you will have five distinct artworks for your portfolio. During and after the Bootcamp, there is access to a private community for support and feedback. I’m already signed up for 2017! 

See more work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram



Carrie_Chapko_MATSBootcamp_lettering_journal_72 (1)

carrie_chapkoBootcamp has been helpful to me because I’m challenged to draw things I would’ve never thought of drawing before. I’m also inspired by all of the talent in the class, and the feedback I receive from classmates also helps me to push and learn new skills.

I’ve had two local shops get touch with me after seeing my Bootcamp work on a journal mockups. I’ve wanted to open an Etsy store for a long time and after working with one of the shops creating new art for journal covers, I decided to make my Etsy store happen. In November 2016, my shop opened just in time for the Christmas shopping season! I’m thankful to MATS for giving me the push I needed.

Right now I’m busy making notebooks for a wholesale order for a local shop. I’m taking more online courses to keep pushing myself and I have 3 custom orders waiting for me too. I have a full time job as a graphic designer/art director so it has been a very busy time, but I absolutely love it.

Bootcamp is an easy paced class, you’ll get one assignment per month for 5 months. The assignments are wonderfully written and inspiring, the community of artists you’ll be working alongside is invaluable. Those are my two favorite things about the class! Taking Bootcamp is one of the best decisions I made for my art. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to develop their art, all skill levels are welcome.

See more work: Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook



Katie_Doucette_Seahorse_4a_Week2 (1)


me (1)The classes pushed me to create beyond my comfort zone. I learned to put forth more effort and detail in my work in order to make it stand out from the crowd.

I have received several licensing deals since taking MATS. My most exciting deal so far has been with Wilmington Prints Fabrics. I have six fabric collections in the works; one of which is based on some of my nautical artwork from MATS.

I am currently working on growing my wholesale art business in the midwest, and creating lots of holiday art for licensing. I would recommend MATS to anyone who is serious about making a career in art. It pushes you creatively, while giving excellent tips on how to submit artwork and create a professional portfolio.



See more work here: Website | Facebook | Instagram




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