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Here I am in Brighton, England for the filming of an e-course.

I’ve made my living as a creative entrepreneur since 1984, and I have a lot to say about making a living as an artist. I’ve taught thousands of students, mentored dozens of artists that I represent, and had my own art career, so I have plenty of opinions. I’ve seen the good, bad, ugly and weird.


My students in Make Art That Sells e-courses have asked me hundreds of questions over the years, and I’ve put some of my favorite Q & A’s on a free downloadable for you, called Lilla on Life as an Artist.

I find that I am often asked the same questions over and over. Here are some of the top ones I’m asked, and I answer them for you in the downloadable PDF:
Q: I am my own harshest critic. How do I stop this from taking over?
Q: In the beginning when you are struggling to make ends meet from your art, it is easy to feel pulled in many directions—the need to make art, the pressure to sell it, the importance of promotion, the demands of admin, etc. How do you manage your time in a way that allows you to move forward?
Q: How do you deal with envy?
Q: What happens when an artist is facing a difficult situation, things like sickness, or loss, or financial issues? How we can keep creating with joy in difficult times?
Q: Don’t you think that making art that sells is selling out?

Click here to get the answers to the questions.


I hope you’ll consider signing up for one of our courses to continue your growth as a creative. Great work sells, and I am happy to help you grow your work.




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