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LAST DAY! Get your work in front of top agent, Lilla Rogers! Hurry, sale ends today!


We’re incredibly excited to announce that students who have purchased Make Art That Sells (MATS) Part A and/or Part B will now have the opportunity to be included in a SPECIAL ANNUAL REVIEW by top agent, Lilla Rogers!


Here’s how to participate:

  1. Sign up for MATS Part A and/or Part B if you haven’t already. (Today is the very last day of our 30% off sale!)
  2. Lilla will reveal which assignment you’ll be asked to complete in the private classroom sometime this month. There will be one assignment chosen for students in Part A and one for students in Part B.
  3. You’ll have about a month to complete the assignment, which should give you more than enough time.
  4. You’ll upload your finished piece to a gallery.
  5. Lilla will study each and every image in the gallery.
  6. Lilla will then select a handful of images which she’ll review in a private Facebook Live session in May—for registered students only.
  7. Lilla will comment on the selected images, plus there will be time for Q&A for everyone watching the live Facebook video. Lilla will likely have some wonderful wise words to inspire and motivate, and it will surely be an incredible opportunity to learn from a master teacher.


What Is Make Art That Sells (MATS) Part A and B?
MATS Part A and Part B are two jam-packed, instant-access, self-paced online courses written by top agent Lilla Rogers for artists of all levels. You’ll enjoy working on the courses at your own schedule. Each course is designed to be done over 5 weeks at an intensive pace, or up to 5 months at a slower pace. Both courses are equally excellent and can be done in any order.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.27.02

What markets will I learn about in MATS Part A?

  • Bolt fabric
  • Home décor
  • Children’s books
  • Wall art
  • Gift

What markets will I learn about in Part B?

  • Paper (Stationery)
  • Baby/children’s apparel & décor
  • Scrapbooking
  • Editorial (magazine illustration)
  • Party paper

What’s Lilla’s teaching philosophy?
You’ll love how Lilla has designed all MATS courses to get you to make art for specific markets, evolve your style, learn tons of techniques, get market- and trend-savvy, and basically delight in making art. If you’ve lost your mojo, these are the courses for you, even if you are an experienced artist. If you are a newbie wanting to learn everything you can from a top art agent (who is a teacher and artist herself) with decades of experience in the business, then this is the course for you.


Because we want you to achieve your goals, and there is so much information packed into the courses,  we’ve provided a super-helpful pdf with guidance, structure and checklists. You can access the prep pdfs here: MATS A and MATS B


You’ll find all this goodness in a private online ‘classroom’ loaded with videos, downloadable pdf’s, written posts, tons of inspiring imagery, interviews, structured assignments, and your own cadre of fellow students who will share the experience with you on a private Facebook group. See the industry expert contributors here. Let’s just say you totally get your money’s worth! Read more about all the goodness you’ll get, here.


Why take MATS Part A or B?
If you want to learn exactly what to put in your artwork to make killer portfolio pieces while staying true to your style and taste, these online courses are for you.

Nicci Nathanson copy

Above, Nicci Nathanson completed this assignment for MATS A, Home Décor Week.

creative briefs

What will I create?
You’ll be given several exciting assignments (creative briefs) for each of the five lucrative art markets to help you build a professional portfolio. Pick and choose your favorite assignments—or do them all—to make art that is thematically geared toward the markets.


Above, Nathalie Taylor created a piece for MATS A/Wall Art. In this assignment, the students were asked to create a piece using only two colors they were given based on their astrological sign, and items from a scavenger hunt they had completed earlier.

Join us!

All images copyright and may not be used without permission of artist.

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