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Video series: Monetizing your Quirks: What makes you weird is what makes your brand!

Lilla often gets asked what makes an artist stand out.

Her favorite answer is ‘What makes you weird makes your brand special!’ What? It’s OK to be quirky, an oddball, different from everyone else? YES! In fact, more than OK, it’s important, and it’s what will set you apart. Check out Lilla’s free video series to find out more.

In this free series Lilla shares…

  • Why it pays to be different/weird/quirky
  • How to identify the differences that you can use to your advantage in your art career
  • How to take those quirks and make them your signature
  • How to attract mainstream clients with your quirks, not put them off
  • Other tips on monetizing your quirks


Watch the 3-part video series HERE


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