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Lilla’s 6 top tips for artists for the Home Decor industry. Still time to join us!

We loved following along in the Make Art That Sells #myMATSprep mini assignments across Instagram last week. These mini assignments by Lilla were to prepare you for the Home Décor class that started YESTERDAY!

If you haven’t signed up for the Home Décor class, there’s still time. But hurry before it’s too late. Lilla co-teaches this class with the lovely and savvy Margo Tantau, top creative director who delivers a ton of inside information to help students make outstanding pitches.

Annabel Tempest

Lilla says, “I love nothing more than seeing an artist take one of my courses and watching their work bust out all over in fabulousness. You may think I’m just saying that to be braggy, but the proof is in the pudding. I expect the very best of my students and push them because I want them to make a living with their art.”

Check out the range of styles on these pitches for home décor collections done in class. We love that everyone can be themselves.

TIP 1: Show a product range in various substrates such as wood, glass, fabric, metal and ceramic, as Portia has done here:

Portia Monberg

Portia Monberg

TIP 2: The purpose of a home décor pitch is to communicate to the art director in a way they understand. Here, Carolyn shows how her gorgeous art would look on products. That’s why she gets fantastic work in this market.


Carolyn Gavin (One of the artists that I represent)

TIP 3: You want to deliver a gorgeous and on-trend color palette that holds together among your entire product range.

Casey_Krimmel_ceramics_HD3_WK4-650x520 copy

Casey Krimmel

TIP 4: Be sure your subject matter matches the market. Here, Anette is pitching to the children’s market using age-appropriate imagery.

anette heiberg

Anette Heiberg


TIP 5: Vary the scale of your art. Corinna has blown up the butterflies on the cups for impact.

CorinnaBuchholz_ParisLoveNest_HD3_WK4-650x502 copy

Corinna Buchholz


TIP 6: Katie doesn’t underestimate the client. That’s why she gets work from companies like Anthropologie.


Katie Vernon (One of the artists that I represent)

If you’re secretly (or not-so-secretly) wanting to get your own home décor collection, we truly hope you’ll join us in this wonderful course. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded artists of all levels that are there to support one another, and Margo and Lilla will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Sign up and start making your very best art to get the very best jobs. See you in class!

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