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Last day to sign up! The quality of a course can be measured by the quality of the work that comes out of it.


Join us for five weeks of exciting and fresh art instruction by top agent Lilla Rogers and Art Director Margo Tantau.

Registration will be closing TODAY at 11.59pm PT, so hurry! Join us here.


The quality of a course can be measured by the quality of the work that comes out of it.

“The Home Décor class helped me grow as an artist because it opened my eyes to all the possible applications of art on products. I felt free to explore my painterly style without fear. I discovered that people respond to the looseness of paint, which was a bit of a relief, to be honest!” – SHARON MONTGOMERY


“The course is so valuable even just for the amazing and supportive facebook community – it is such a lovely, safe and supportive place to ask each other questions, share knowledge, and just be generally supportive and uplifting. The ability to ask Lilla and Margo questions during the course was fantastic as well, to get a more in-depth idea of how the industry works, what to do, how to pitch. I left the course so much more confident, and with a direction and a plan.” KATE BILLINGSLEY


I would definitely recommend the course to a friend who would like to create a new body of work for the home décor market. The course is intense, but you see your work improve quickly and at the end you have a complete body of work for your portfolio. The fellow artists are also incredibly supportive. Just watching everyone’s growth and unique style is an inspiration itself.” ASPA GIKA

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Lilla and the Make Art That Sells team!

If you’re secretly (or not-so-secretly) wanting to get your own home décor collection, I truly hope you’ll join us in this wonderful course. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded artists of all levels that are there to support one another, and Margo and I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Sign up and start making your very best art to get the very best jobs. See you in class!


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