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Happy Birthday Lilla Rogers! And a sneak peek of Lilla’s new Home Décor Trend Board!

Earlier this month we celebrated our fabulous co-founder Lilla Rogers’s birthday! It has almost become an annual tradition for Lilla’s artists to create personal birthday cards for her. This year they’re absolutely gorgeous & we thought it would be nice to share some of them with you.

See for yourself!






Want to learn more about the greeting card and gift markets? Lilla can teach you all you need to know about getting your art on products in these markets!

Find out more about our popular self-paced MATS A and MATS B courses & what you can learn about greeting cards & stationery or the gift market now!

We hope you enjoyed the gorgeous creative cards as much as Lilla did. Happy Birthday Lilla!

The MATS Team xxx

Jan 11 – Hurry! Last chance: Bootcamp Plus!

As an art agent for over 23 years, I know a thing or two. I’ve mentored artists for years and seen daily what art directors look for in artists’ portfolios. And now I am excited to give you juicy assignments I’ve written just for my Assignment Bootcamp class to motivate and inspire you to dive in, and get cracking.

I truly want to help you make the very best art that you are capable of! How exciting is that? Imagine making work that you are crazy about and that attracts the kinds of fabulous jobs that you desire!

Picture being obsessed with the work you do for the assignments I give you. Let me help you get there in Assignment Bootcamp, my hugely popular e-course, now in its 5th year. Yup, I’ve been teaching this online for 4 years, and it has quite a following. Assignment Bootcamp is a full five-month program of assignments to help you build a strong body of work that art directors are looking for.

Above: Projects commissioned for Lilla Rogers Studio represented artists.

You’ll learn how to get these kinds of projects in our Make Art That Sells courses.

To make things even more fun for you, we’ve taken our super popular Assignment Bootcamp course and added our brand-new MATS Portfolio Review Live as a bonus!

We’re calling it Bootcamp Plus and it includes Assignment Bootcamp + MATS Portfolio Review Live!

Guess what? Art directors want and need your great art! Agents want you to be the best artist you can be. Consumers want to buy your exciting art. Let me give you guidance on what kinds of images, subject matter and markets are hot. I’ve crafted assignments that will encourage you to blossom in your own unique style!

But HURRY! Registration for Assignment Bootcamp and Bootcamp Plus will close TODAY, January 11th at 11.59pm PST and will not be offered again this year!

Don’t miss your chance!

See you in class. Let’s make some great art together.



Hurry! Last chance: My Year of Art School!

I love when I get letters from my Make Art That Sells e-course students telling me how they love making art again, or have found their artistic voice, or have gotten representation, or snagged top commissions from work they’ve done in class.

So we put together a package called My Year of Art School and we are blown away with how many people have already signed up for it! Apparently, so many of you are craving a full year of Make Art That Sells e-courses. Why? It’s because you know that the structure, support, and assignments help you create your very best work.

Want to transform your art career in the next 12 months? Want 2018 mapped out for you, with an incredible learning opportunity every single month? Then the My Year of Art School bundle is exactly what you need. It’s so much cheaper than a full year of traditional art school.

Hurry! This very special bundle (with an additional 20% discount!) which will transform your 2018 is only available for purchase until Thursday, January 11th at 11.59pm PST! I truly hope you will join me for this very special experience.

Here’s all the amazing goodness you get when you sign up:

Jan-May: Assignment Bootcamp (You get something from me every single Monday for 5 months to keep you drawing and motivated!)

March: NEW! Drawing Faces (I filmed this one to make drawing faces a joy for you. It’s loaded full of top tips and instruction. You’re going to love this class.)

June: NEW! Live Portfolio Review (We created this course so you could see how I, as an art agent, review portfolios and see what I look for.)

July: Global Talent Search (Our super-exciting competition to win representation with my agency).

August: NEW! MATS M.B.A. (Award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of MATS, Beth Kempton and I are incredibly excited to share with you our best advice to help you become the fully successful person you are capable of being.)

October: Illustrating Children’s Books (This intensive and exciting course is exactly what you need to create a pitch to get you that coveted children’s book illustration gig. All new manuscripts.)

December: NEW! Lilla’s 12 days of Affirmations (Some of my most favorite affirmations that I myself use.)

And if that isn’t enough, you can work at your own pace on our classic courses included in My Year of Art School:

Self-paced MATS A (You’ll create on-trend portfolio pieces and learn everything you need to know about getting work for the following 5 top art-buying markets: Fabric, Home Décor, Children’s Book, Wall Décor, Gift Products). NEW! The assignment for 2018 will be published in the classroom on Friday, January 12th!

Self-paced MATS B (You’ll create on-trend portfolio pieces and learn everything you need to know about getting work for the following 5 top art-buying markets: Stationery, Baby Apparel and Products, Scrapbooking, Magazines, and Party Paper Products). NEW! The assignment for 2018 will be published in the classroom on Friday, January 12th!

Self-paced Creating Collections for Home Décor (Let creative director Margo Tantau and I teach you all about what you need to get work in this very cool market). NEW! The assignment for 2018 will be published in the classroom on Friday, January 29th!


Access to a private group Facebook Live with Lilla to focus on making your art shine in 2018

Read all about what’s included in My Year of Art School here.

But HURRY! Registration for My Year of Art School will close on Thursday, January 11th at 11.59pm PST!

Don’t miss your chance! Let’s make 2018 your best year yet.

See you in class.



P. S. I created My Year of Art School to help you stay committed to your goal of growing your art, your style, and your confidence so that you can have the art career you dream of. It is truly possible. Make the commitment to yourself. I will help you get there. So many of my students have gone on to getting agents, children’s books, home décor collections, and so much more. Why not you?

Last chance to sign up for Bootcamp! The classroom opens tomorrow!

Our first live course of 2018, Assignment Bootcamp will be starting on Monday the 8th of January & the classroom will be available starting tomorrow!

Hurry! It’s not too late to join us if you haven’t already signed up!


Want to know more?  

Q: Is this course for beginners or professional artists? What if I’ve already taken Bootcamp before? 

Lilla says: “The course is for anyone who wants to have a great time making their work better and market-ready in a supportive environment. All levels, all styles are welcome. I secretly design the assignments so that everyone benefits. We have top artists in the class as well as newbies. There’s a lot of energy in the course, and friendships develop that last for years.”  

“Here’s the thing: I’m cool with whatever level you’re at, from beginner to full-time art professional. I’ve taught everyone from little kids to seasoned professional artists, and to be honest, I make the assignments to inspire all the above. So join us. People love Bootcamp because it’s a fabulous way to create new work. That’s why many of our students take Bootcamp every year.” 

Q: What type of assignments can I expect?  

Lilla says: “As an art agent, I assign jobs to my artists every single day. I know what clients want to see. What they assign. What they are looking for. Which imagery, themes, and topics are hot, which color palettes are exciting, which products are selling like gangbusters, and which aren’t. So I build my assignments around those considerations.”

“Part of the way I motivate artists is to build a level of suspense over the weeks. It’s the way I teach—to break everything down into bite-sized bits so students don’t get overwhelmed, and then to build up to the final piece. All I can tell you is I absolutely love writing the assignments, and coming up with fresh and unexpected themes! And then I get to marvel at the vast array of fantastic work that comes out of the class!”

Find out all the juicy details here!

Look at all the great things MATS alumna Rebecca did after taking MATS Bootcamp:

For the price of a latte a week, you get something to inspire you to make great art every single Monday from now through the end of May! 

As a special bonus, Lilla will be hosting a special ‘First Day of Bootcamp’ Facebook Live Monday January 8th at 11am EST (4pm GMT) on the public Make Art That Sells Facebook Page so be sure to join us for her tips on the first mini assignment!

Don’t miss out! 

Want extra savings? Sign up for the Bootcamp Plus bundle, which includes Assignment Bootcamp and Portfolio Review Live (which starts in June 2018) and saves you more than 20% off the full price!

See you in class!