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Jan 11 – Hurry! Last chance: Bootcamp Plus!

As an art agent for over 23 years, I know a thing or two. I’ve mentored artists for years and seen daily what art directors look for in artists’ portfolios. And now I am excited to give you juicy assignments I’ve written just for my Assignment Bootcamp class to motivate and inspire you to dive in, and get cracking.

I truly want to help you make the very best art that you are capable of! How exciting is that? Imagine making work that you are crazy about and that attracts the kinds of fabulous jobs that you desire!

Picture being obsessed with the work you do for the assignments I give you. Let me help you get there in Assignment Bootcamp, my hugely popular e-course, now in its 5th year. Yup, I’ve been teaching this online for 4 years, and it has quite a following. Assignment Bootcamp is a full five-month program of assignments to help you build a strong body of work that art directors are looking for.

Above: Projects commissioned for Lilla Rogers Studio represented artists.

You’ll learn how to get these kinds of projects in our Make Art That Sells courses.

To make things even more fun for you, we’ve taken our super popular Assignment Bootcamp course and added our brand-new MATS Portfolio Review Live as a bonus!

We’re calling it Bootcamp Plus and it includes Assignment Bootcamp + MATS Portfolio Review Live!

Guess what? Art directors want and need your great art! Agents want you to be the best artist you can be. Consumers want to buy your exciting art. Let me give you guidance on what kinds of images, subject matter and markets are hot. I’ve crafted assignments that will encourage you to blossom in your own unique style!

But HURRY! Registration for Assignment Bootcamp and Bootcamp Plus will close TODAY, January 11th at 11.59pm PST and will not be offered again this year!

Don’t miss your chance!

See you in class. Let’s make some great art together.



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