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Video Series: Monetizing your Quirks


Welcome to our video series ‘Monetizing your Quirks: What makes you weird is what makes your brand’. We’re so glad you’ve joined us!

Lilla often gets asked what makes an artist stand out. Her favorite answer is ‘What makes you weird makes your brand special!’ What? It’s OK to be quirky, an oddball, different from everyone else? YES! In fact, more than OK, it’s important, and it’s what will set you apart.

This mini three-part video series is fun, but has a serious message about the importance of putting YOU into your brand and into your art, because that is what will make you stand out. All the videos are below.


‘Part 1: Spot the Difference’ is about discovering what is unique about you (including the weird stuff!), and how you can infuse your brand with that quirkiness.

In this video Lilla shares:

  • What is ‘weird’ anyway?
  • How do you actually ‘be yourself’?
  • A funny story about her in seventh grade

video_325x100Journal this:

  • What did you love doing when you were young that was unusual?
  • What is quirky about you now in terms of…
    • The way you talk
    • The way you dress
    • The things you like to do
    • The way you draw
    • The way you write
    • The things you think about when you’re daydreaming
    • Your view of the world
  • How can you insert those quirks into your artwork more?

Share on social media:

A picture that represents your weirdness. It could be a picture of your finest red fez or lime green shoes to show your unusual fashion sense, it could be a snapshot of your quirky handwriting, the unveiling of your nickname, or perhaps an old photo of you playing a fun game you used to love when you were little… Be sure to include #MATSbranding @artthatsells when you share so we can see it!


‘Part 2: Turn It Up‘ is about turning up the volume on your quirkiness.

In this video Lilla shares:

  • Examples of real lucrative jobs that have come out of being weird and playful
  • How to take another look at your marketing materials to see if they reflect the real you
  • How to add flavor to the roast chicken dinner of your art

video_325x100Journal this:

  • What does my logo say about me? Are there any changes I could make to showcase my quirkiness more?
  • What do my marketing materials (website, blog, e-newsletter etc) say about me? Are there any changes I could make to showcase my individuality more?
  • Articulate what makes you individual, in 10 words or less

Share on social media:

A fun post showcasing your quirkiness. What’s YOUR seasoning? Be sure to include #MATSbranding @artthatsells when you share so we can see it!


The final video in this series, ‘Part 3: Make it Pay’ is about being proud of your weirdness and monetizing those quirks.

In this video Lilla shares:

  • How to discover what’s ‘interesting’ about you
  • Why what’s ‘normal’ for you is fascinating to others
  • Why it’s good if 99% of clients won’t like your artwork

video_325x100Journal this:

  • Describe where you live and what you see and do in a day. Include detailed descriptions of people, colors, smells, tastes, things you love, your favorite café etc.
  • Describe a day in the life of yourself as a child, doing things you found really fun
  • What would be my dream clients and dream gigs based on my quirkiness? (Who would love it, and how could they exploit it commercially?)

Share on social media:

A fun sketch showcasing a day in your life, to give others an insight into your life. Be sure to include #MATSbranding @artthatsells when you share so we can see it!

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