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How to be your own trend detective—Free download



I’ve been an art agent for over twenty-two years, and I’ve overseen the commissioning of thousands of assignments that my artists have gotten over the years. I’ve seen trends come and go, but what I know for sure is that artists thrive by staying fresh. Those who stay stuck in their style drastically reduce their career longevity.

Staying up on trends is really just about being aware of the visual cultural conversation. As we make art and design, we see, we create, we show. It’s an evolution of style we share with one another. Like molecules, we bounce off each other, ever affected by our environment. The true creative leaders vibe off of the aesthetic conversation, but then they bring it to the next level to lead the way. There are tools you can learn to develop this awareness.

I thought you might enjoy reading the FREE 10-page piece I wrote called How to be Your Own Trend Detective. This is one of many downloadables that I give out in my e-course called Make Art That Sells: Part B because I want artists to learn how to dig deep to find gorgeous color palettes, fresh subject matter, and interesting patterns and motifs. I get great pleasure from seeing the work of my students evolve and flourish, so that’s why I write these things.



You can download it here. 

We’d love to see what you discover and uncover for trends! Use #LillasTrends #makearthatsells on your Instagram posts!

You know what? I thoroughly enjoy writing instructional pieces for students, so I’ve packed a ton of downloadables just like this one in my courses. Some of our students actually print out all the materials from the Make Art That Sells courses and pop them into a binder!  I hope you’ll join me in class, and together we can grow your work.

You can sign up for Make Art That Sells Part A and/or Part B right now and get instant access to all the goodness.



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