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MATS Bootcamp
Mar 6 - July 26, 2017

Assignment Bootcamp


Mar. 6 – July 26, 2017.

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A structured five-month program of monthly assignments to help you build a strong body of work.

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How would you like to get something from a top art agent every single Monday, for five months, to grow your artwork and your career?

AMANDA_BURNETT_MAY-650x813 copyAmanda Burne

Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers is an exciting online experience to help you create professional-level art in a supportive, nurturing environment, at a relaxed pace over an extended period of time.

It will help you stay motivated – the best way to improve career is to make art. It will give you structure. It can be so hard to do it on your own – this way you don’t have to. And it will be super fun!

Anna_Berger copyAnna Berger

Q: Lilla, how do you know what kinds of assignments to create for your ecourse, Assignment Bootcamp?

Lilla: As an art agent, we assign jobs to our artists every single day. I know what clients want to see. What they assign. What they are looking for. Which imagery is hot, which color palettes are exciting, which products are selling like gangbusters. So I build my assignments around those considerations.

Q: Assignment Bootcamp is in its fourth year. What initially made you interested in creating this course?

Lilla: My inbox was regularly filled with artists wishing to be represented. While I frequently liked the style of the work, I knew that their art would NOT attract jobs. It kinda broke my heart. Here were artists with great talent—some even with four-year art degrees—submitting work to me, and yet the work was not real-world based! It would not pull jobs.

So I created an assignment course based on professional briefs. Assignment Bootcamp—a five-month long course—was was born. It has run every year since, because it works! Students have gotten work directly from their class assignments.

Products 1

Top row, from left: Sarah Walsh, Mike Lowery
Middle row, from left: Katie Vernon, Suzy Ultman
Bottom row, from left: Zoe Ingram, Daniel Roode

Q: What markets are your assignments geared toward?

Lilla: Great question. They are geared toward the top markets that commission lots of art. Each year it varies. It might be Home Décor, Bolt Fabric, Children’s Books, Wall Décor, Gift, Magazine, Baby Products, Journals—to name a few.

Q: Who should take this course? Is this for pro’s or for people just starting out?

Lilla: Both. The course is for anyone who wants to have a great time making their work better and market-ready in a supportive environment. All levels, all styles are welcome. I secretly design the assignments so that everyone benefits. We have top artists in the class as well as newbies. There’s a lot of energy in the course, and friendships develop that last for years.

Q: Can you give us a hint of what this year’s assignments will be?

Lilla: Part of the way I motivate artists is to build a level of suspense over the weeks. It’s the way I teach—to break everything down into bite-sized bits so students don’t get overwhelmed, and then to build up to the final piece. All I can tell you is I absolutely love writing the assignments, and coming up with fresh and unexpected themes! And then I get to marvel at the vast array of fantastic work that comes out of the class!

MATS Assignment Bootcamp contents

NEW this year: You’ll get something every single Monday for five months at a great price! This deal cannot be beat! There are five assignments spread over five months plus special monthly bonuses!

Devon HolzwarthDevon Holzwarth


Duration – 5 months March-July (includes 5 assignments)
Format – Online, PDFs, written posts
Your tutor – Lilla Rogers


“I feel more confident in embracing my own style. This course helps me be proud of what I create and proud that I have my own unique style.” Katie Vaz

“Bootcamp gives you a unique opportunity to take an in depth look at your work and process while engaging with a community of likeminded artists.” Amanda Clarke

ANKE_WECKMANN_APRIL-650x813Anke Weckmann

A word from Lilla Rogers

*Note: MATS courses can be taken in any order, and many people repeat them because they grow so much with each round of the course

Casey_Krimmel_March-650x813Casey Krimmel 



Samantha StasSamantha Stas

MATS Assignment Bootcamp is for you if…

  • You want professional level assignments to stretch you to create fresh, signature pieces that are ready to sell in multiple markets.
  • You want the kind of assignments which are proven to get work
  • You want cutting edge trend and inspiration from an art agent who licenses and commissions projects for her artists every single day
  • You do not have time for an intensive learning experience – instead you are looking for a structure for staying on track and accountable, so you can create a strong body of work over several months
  • You want access to a community of talented, supportive artists
  • You loved the MATS A and B assignments and want more of them!

Coloring_book_02Tjarda Borsboom

This is NOT for you if…

  • You want the opportunity for individual reviews by Lilla Rogers (try our ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ class and ‘Home Decor’)
  • You want exposure to interviews with industry experts (try MATS A/B!)
  • You want insight into what makes art sell in particular markets (try MATS A/B!)
  • You are looking for an intense immersive learning experience (try MATS A/B!)
  • You are a complete beginner or are looking for an art technique class. There are hundreds of fabulous creative courses out there – please have fun exploring and then come back to us when you are ready!
  • You are looking for technical tutorials in Photoshop and/or Illustrator

SUSAN_EVENSON_APRIL-650x813Susan Evenson




“People buy your joy. The consumer does, the manufacturer does, the art director does. They can sense it in your work. So how do I help you find that place of joy in your art-making? That’s what I do in the course.” Lilla Rogers

Sandrine_MonnierSandrine Monnier

Here’s what you get:

// Monthly assignments. Five in-depth, inspiring assignment briefs in the hottest art markets, written by top agent Lilla Rogers. They’ll encourage you to explore your style and create professional-level art for your portfolio, while having fun along the way!

// Trends. NEW!  Lilla’s Trends boards.Isn’t inspiration what you crave?  Each month, you’ll download a cutting-edge trend board with gorgeous color direction to inspire you further. (see sneak peeks of the boards below)

// A community. Some say our community is the most supportive of any they’ve experienced. You’ll enjoy an invaluable community of like-minded artists of all levels to inspire, support and motivate you. 

// Public Gallery Exposure. Show your work! You’ll have the option to post your work to a public gallery where it can be viewed by peers, art buyers and industry experts. Who knows who might spot your work? 

//NEW! Ask the Agent: Facebook LIVE with Lilla. Ask Lilla your questions in a live real-time video each month! (Plus Lilla always has words of wisdom, show and tell, giveaways, and other tricks up her sleeve for you in these popular live events.)

rebecca_pp_MatsbootcampTarotRebecca Bradley

*The small print: Lilla Rogers Studio School reserves the right to change or replace any advertised free bonuses or content without notice.


This year, we are offering Lilla’s super-inspiring and very specific trend board briefs. You’ll get one a month for 5 months (every 3rd Monday).

A note from Lilla:

I’m delighted to create a series of trend boards for you for Bootcamp 2017.  Why trend boards? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to draw. What topics sell? What are clients looking to see?

My trend boards give you inspiration and focus so that your work has greater marketability. Each month you’ll get a theme and a color palette. The board is loaded with images for you to study. While they may look simple, you can discover lots of good stuff.

It actually takes time to learn how to use a trend board! I have purchased many over the years. Do you know that most professional trend books are several thousand dollars? They are great for companies but don’t really work for illustrators. Why? Because they tend to  focus more  on a vibe. In fact, they show lots of products that don’t even have art on them, like a plain vase or a sofa. That’s great for manufacturers that make products, many of whom don’t buy art. I found that I needed to make my own trend boards for my artists, and I wanted to show WHAT to draw—very specific subject matter—and for specific markets that I know buy lots of illustration. This is what I’ve done for you. I go over the specific market, list imagery ideas (what to draw) and provide text suggestions (what words to write).

I sincerely hope you enjoy them and find them beneficial!

Each brief contains:

  • A fabulous board full of imagery based around a highly marketable concept
  • An explanation of the board
  • Market information
  • Specific imagery ideas (what to draw!)
  • A stunning color palette
  • Text suggestions for lettering on your art

This is incredibly valuable stuff offered to you by one of the world’s top art agents.

Why trend boards?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to draw. Lilla’s trend boards give you inspiration and focus so that your work has greater marketability.

Here are the sneak peeks of each board:

BadAss Sneak Peek2

Dark Tropics Sneak Peek

Hunch Brunch Sneak Peek

Play Game Sneak Peek2





The best way to get better at your art is to keep creating. 

Each assignment will be in two stages – firstly a ‘mini’ to ease you in, and then a main assignment to help you turn your sketches and initial ideas into a full blown piece that is ready to sell. Each month you will have three weeks to complete the assignment.

Frequency of class activity

  • You’ll receive a mini (1st Monday of month)
  • You’ll receive a main assignment (2nd Monday of month)
  • *NEW* You’ll receive one of Lilla’s totally gorgeous and inspiring trend boards to download (3rd Monday of month)
  • Deadline for your assignment submission to the public gallery (by end of 3rd week of month) – this is optional!
  • *NEW* Facetime Live, in our private Facebook group for our students of Bootcamp only. (4th Monday of month)


Check out the galleries from the 2016 class here, 2015 class here and 2014 here

mareike_engelke_april-650x520Mareike Engelke



“I’ve grown so much! I feel more confident in my style, excited to try new things and experiment more! People buy your joy is my favourite lesson from Lilla.” Bethan Westran

Jenka_RiveraJenka Rivera

“It is eye-opening and greatly inspiring. It is full of energy. Making art is originally quite a solo lonely process (though I enjoy it much). At MATS Bootcamp, we had an amazing community supporting one and other. Not only have I bettered myself in making art, I have gained a lot of friendship.” Kris Tsang

“A delightful experience that has extended me far more than I would have been able to do if I had been trying to improve my illustration on my own.” Daniela Glassop

Katie_Wilson_MarchKatie Wilson

“It’s an amazing course that will change your life. You will value your work more, get new inspiration, new ideas, new friends and you open your mind to the WORLD … the sky is the limit.” Sahily Tallet Yip

“A must if you are thinking about getting into licensing, but are unsure of where to begin and how your work might fit in to today’s market.” Joan Waites

Sarah HandSarah Hand



If you have a question about Make Art That Sells please check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. If you do not find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us at hello [at]


Errina Mercer

I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work? Do I need to be at my computer at a certain time?
The monthly assignments are delivered via a private classroom (accessible from your account page). You will receive five assignments over five months.

Each assignment will be in two stages – firstly a ‘mini’ which very effectively eases you in to the assignment, and then a main assignment to help you turn your sketches and initial ideas into a full blown piece that is ready to sell. Each month you will have three weeks to complete the assignment. You will then have the option to post your work to a public gallery where it can be viewed by peers, art buyers and industry experts.

How much is the course in my local currency? 

MATS Bootcamp is £99 which is approximately USD $147. Please note this approximate $ equivalent is given for reference only. When paying by Paypal, you will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate.

Laura GrantLaura Grant

What format is the class taught in?
Bootcamp consists of a series of Mini and Assignment PDFs delivered via a private online classroom, along with monthly advice posts from Lilla Rogers.

Why is there such a price difference between MATS classes and the Assignment Bootcamp?
MATS A & B, ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ and ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’ include a detailed insight into individual markets, what work sells in those markets, who buys, what they are looking for and more. Actual companies are listed to help you get started with whom to submit your work to. They include guidance on how to make your work more commercially viable while staying true to yourself – guidance which comes from top art agent Lilla Rogers and exclusive interviews with a host of industry experts. They include assignments every week to develop your practice. Perhaps even more importantly, ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ and ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’ offer the opportunity for you to put questions to Lilla when class is live, and the possibility of having your work reviewed. The reviews are videos that are recorded each week and are a fabulous way to learn even more.

MATS Part A&B teach you how to show your work to clients, time management, advice for the creative person, negotiating tips, finding trends, all about agents, all about Surtex, and more. This is an intensive learning experience and is now self-paced.

By contrast the Assignment Bootcamp focuses specifically on a series of professional-level assignments to help you stretch yourself as an artist, and create a stronger body of sellable work. It does not include Q&A with Lilla, or any feedback from Lilla on individual work or the in-depth market information that is shared in our other MATS classes. Over the course of five months you will receive five monthly assignments to develop your art in different areas. The intention is to give you direction, a structure and a degree of accountability to support you as you grow your body of work.

Both courses give you access to a private community of like-minded artists who will support and encourage you on your journey.

What do you get in Bootcamp?

You’ll get fun and marketable subject matter geared toward the hottest markets such as Gift, Bolt Fabric, Editorial (magazines illustration), and Wall Art. The subject matter is drawn from the trend reports that Lilla creates for her own highly-successful artists. Now you can get a sneak peek at that inside information.

The assignments are meant to inspire and challenge you. You’ll make fresh pieces in your own style that sell to hot markets. You’re encouraged to be yourself and do it your way, in your medium.

Zoe_Ingram copyZoe Ingram

Can I ask questions to Lilla during the course?
Bootcamp is purely an assignment-based course to give you the opportunity to create professional-level work in a structured environment.

*NEW* This year, on the 4th Monday of each month during class, Lilla will host a FACEBOOK LIVE discussion. Dates and times till be shared in the classroom.

Can I get feedback from Lilla on my work?
Bootcamp is purely an assignment-based course to give you the opportunity to create professional-level work in a structured environment. If you want the opportunity for your work to be seen by Lilla you will need to register for our live courses ‘Illustrating Childen’s Books’ or ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’. You will be welcome to share your work in the class community area for peer feedback, which can be valuable and confidence-inspiring.

Are there any other industry experts involved in the course?
The focus of this course is assignments created by top art agent Lilla Rogers. If you want to hear from other industry experts (through interviews, etc.) you will need to register for MATS A/B or our live courses ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ or ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’.

How much time will the class take?
Bootcamp has been designed so you can keep up even if you have a full time job and significant other commitments. There is only ONE main assignment per month (plus a mini assignment to ease you into the main one) and trend insight.

There are no daily class posts as there are in our other classes. If you are looking for an intensive learning experience you may be well advised to take MATS A&B or our live courses ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ or ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’. If you are looking for a structured way of strengthening your portfolio without taking up significant time, Bootcamp is for you!

Does it matter what order I take the courses in?
MATS A, MATS B, our live courses ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ or ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’ and Assignment Bootcamp can be taken in any order.

How do I choose which course is right for me?
 It really depends on whether you are looking to learn what art directors look for in each market and how to go about creating work they might buy (in which case you need MATS A/B), whether you want to learn how to pitch for collections of products (in which case try or our new course ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’) or whether you just want to have assignments to prompt your work (in which case Bootcamp is for you). It also depends whether you want the opportunity to put questions to Lilla and the possibility of having your work reviewed or whether you are happy just to have the chance to get your work featured in an online gallery and get support from your creative peers (in which case Bootcamp is for you). We have also put together a handy pdf to help you choose here.
If you are looking for work in a specific market, it is worth checking the course pages to see whether that is covered in MATS Part A or Part B.
Each course has 5 assignments. MATS also has trend and all the info you need about each of the various hot markets, plus weekly videos and interviews. Bootcamp is primarily a way to build your portfolio.
If you take all three courses, (MATS A & B and Bootcamp), you’ll have 15 pretty terrific portfolio pieces, and if you take our new course ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’ you’ll know how to pitch for an entire collection.
How intense are the courses?
MATS is an intensive 5-week course with an assignment due every week, and Bootcamp is a less-intense pace with an assignment due every month.

I will be away for some of the time the class is running. Does this matter?
Bootcamp is spread out over five months so it is likely that most class members will be away at some point during that time. However, with three weeks to complete each monthly mini and assignment, you should be fine. If you miss the deadline for sharing your work in the public gallery each month, you are still welcome to share it in the class community area for peer feedback.

Do I need any special materials?
The course looks at art using a variety of media. We really encourage you to try new things, so it is up to you. You will at least need a sketchbook, paints, pens and pencils, and you will be free to integrate any other media you like. Just get out your favorite art supplies! You will need a computer and scanner and would find it useful to have access to a printer.

Do I need any special software?
As with the other MATS courses it is possible to complete the entire Bootcamp course using traditional techniques (painting, drawing, etc.) but if you wish to complete and submit the assignments digitally you will need at least a basic knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator. You will need to be able to scan in your assignments if you want to showcase your work at its best.

Please note this is not a Photoshop/Illustrator instruction class. If you want to get more familiar with these programmes before starting the class we would recommend or The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.

I am not a digital artist. Is this course for me?
All of the assignments given in the course are suitable for both traditional and digital artists to interpret in their own way.

Will I be able to communicate with others in the class?
Yes, you will be able to communicate via comments in the classroom and in the private class space provided (where you can also share images of your work). This will be a great chance to connect with other artists and designers, get different perspectives and share your work.

Will the class material be available after the class has ended?
Yes, you will have access to the classroom for six months after the class has ended. The written class content can be downloaded from class. The private online community will remain available to you indefinitely.

How do I know if the course is for me?
Click on the tab above to find out!

Is this an art class or a business class?
Bootcamp is a pure assignment-based bootcamp aimed at helping you strengthen your portfolio and create commercially-viable pieces. Lilla shares monthly advice and tips, but if you are looking for significant business/industry insight please consider taking MATS A/B or our live courses ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ or ‘Creating Collections for Home Decor’.

When is the class?
You will find the next class dates in the “Next dates” tabs on each class page.

How much is it and how do I register?
The course cost is displayed under the course title. Click “Add to cart” to register. If a course is not yet on sale, click “Join waiting list” and we will be in touch to let you know when the next course is on sale.

I see the prices are given in GBP (British pounds). Can I pay in another currency?
Yes, Paypal accepts most currencies. All class fees are charged in GBP (British pounds), and this will be the amount which shows up in your Paypal transaction, but you will automatically be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate valid at the point you sign up – so if you have a USD$ bank account the funds will be removed in USD$. The local currency equivalent should be displayed on your screen before the transaction is completed. For more info please see this helpful Paypal guide.

What payment methods do you accept?
We process all our payments with Paypal, a safe and secure way of sending money online. If you do not have a Paypal account you can sign in as a Paypal guest and pay via credit or debit card. All class fees are in GBP (British pounds) but you will automatically be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate valid at the point you sign up.

I don’t live in the USA. Is this course relevant for me?
Lilla Rogers represents artists internationally. Although the main buyers for art in the markets covered are in the US, much of the content is relevant for you wherever in the world you are, especially if you are interested in selling your work internationally. And because everything is made available to you online, it does not matter what time zone you are in.

How is this course different from Lilla’s book?
Lilla’s book ‘I Just Like To Make Things’ is a fantastic resource and is highly recommended as a companion to the e-courses. Being spiral bound you can draw and journal in it. Full of annotated visuals, it provides insights into a variety of art and craft markets. However this course goes into much more depth about exactly what art directors are looking for when buying art in each of the ten most lucrative markets, and takes you step-by-step through building portfolio pieces for each market. It also provides new and exclusive interviews with key market experts, and gives you the opportunity to get your art in front of Lilla as well as become part of a community. Perhaps most importantly you have the chance to put your questions to Lilla when the course is live. While Lilla’s book is very motivating, Assignment Bootcamp provides excellent assignments, structure, trend and motivation to help you create art for your portfolio.

How is this course different to a college course?
College courses are often taught by an instructor versed in perhaps one or two markets. However, as an agent, Lilla sees exactly what the hottest markets are, sees what art sells and what doesn’t sell, and assigns work to her artists daily. Her advice comes from the cutting edge, and is based on three decades of experience selling great art! It is also a unique opportunity to hear from art directors about exactly what they are looking for. Bootcamp offers a structured program for developing commercially viable art, with the opportunity to have your work featured in a public gallery each month.

As an online course you can ‘attend’ from the comfort of your own home or studio, anywhere in the world, and the private classroom is open 24/7 so you can make it work around your life.

Is the course just for women?
Not at all! Everyone is welcome. Join us!



By registering for any of the Make Art That Sells classes, please be aware you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • If you submit any work in class, you give permission for that critique (including your images) to be shared with the rest of the class in any format.
  • You agree that Make Art That Sells may give permission to select art directors to view the finished works submitted for critique in any MATS class. Should they be interested in working with you, Make Art That Sells will put you in contact and you can continue your discussions directly.
  • You give permission for Make Art That Sells to use any images you submit for critique in any class, or share in the class community area, to be included in any future class-related marketing or promotional strategies, online or offline. You will always be credited and will retain the rights to your work.
  • You agree to the class Ground Rules which are as follows: (i) Stay open (ii) Be positive (iii) No negative critique of others (iv) No excuses are necessary. If you miss a deadline for submitting your assignment that is fine, but the entire class does not need to know the reasons for that.
  • You acknowledge that Make Art That Sells reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comments in the classroom or any of the class-related community spaces, in order to provide and maintain a supportive classroom environment.
  • You confirm that you are purchasing a single license for this course for your individual use only. To enquire about educational/corporate rates (for official groups of 10 or more) please send an email to hello [at]
  • You acknowledge that Lilla Rogers Studio reserves the right to replace any advertised content with alternative content of an equivalent value without notice
  • You acknowledge that all sales are final and no refunds will be given before, during or after class.
  • You acknowledge that, if paying in installments, no part-payments will be refunded should you cancel your place before class begins.
  • All courses are priced in GBP £. Any approximate $ equivalents given are for reference only. When paying by Paypal, you will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate.
  • You give permission for your email address to be added to the mailing lists of Lilla Rogers Studio and Do What You Love. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Delivery Policy

All our courses are delivered online in password-protected classrooms. We do not deliver physical products in the post, but rather send you an email with the URL of the classroom and the password you need to log in. This email is sent to the email address you used to register for the class, and will be sent at least two days prior to the start of class (except where you register with less than 48 hours to go, in which case it will be sent within 48 hours of registering, which may be after the class has begun). If you do not receive your classroom login information within this time frame please contact us via email to [email protected] so our team can assist you.

Make Art That Sells, 2016

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Emma McGowan



Lilla has picked a few images from each monthly Bootcamp 2016 gallery below. These showcase the gorgeous work created in our 2016 Bootcamp class. All the class galleries can be seen HERE



























Samantha Stas


Anna_Berger copy






Marenthe copy


-Devon Holzwarth




Eulalia Mejia


Heather Manning




Mitzie Testani


Tina Loeffler