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What We Do

Make Art That Sells is a unique resource for artists who are passionate about what they do and determined to make a living out of their art while staying true to their style.

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Examples of product licenses secured by Lilla Rogers Studio – learn how to get gigs like these in our Make Art That Sells e-courses!

We offer advanced online courses to support your professional portfolio development and business skills. Our courses will help you understand the top ten most lucrative markets for art, and show you how to make your work more commercially appealing in each of those markets, massively expanding your income potential.

Your tutor, Lilla Rogers, has years of experience as an illustrator and agent and is a caring, supportive mentor who will make you believe in yourself, your art and your career potential. All our contributors are professionals in the art and illustration industry, between them, purchasing art for millions of dollars’ worth of products every single year.

Beginners and established artists alike will also find valuable free resources and articles here on makeartthatsells.com, to support your career every step of the way.

Whether you need to up your creative game by working on a killer portfolio, or need business advice to sell more of your art, Make Art That Sells is the place to be.

Who better than our alumni to tell you more?


We are fortunate and grateful to have the most wonderful community of Make Art That Sells (MATS) graduates, comprising thousands of talented artists across the world.

We challenged them to create their very own manifestos for the MATS courses and their enthusiastic responses were amazing!

Below and to the right are some of our favorite , which perfectly summarize Lilla’s recipes for success for growing as an artist.

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Kelly Angelovic


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Kim Johnson
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Sharon Newlin


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Tjarda Borsboom