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Course dates: May 29 - Jun 25, 2023

My Kid Book Pitch 2023

£329 / $402 (approximate)

Create a Children’s Book Pitch Only You Can Write

  • Do you want to  learn how to  write an original, special picture book that editors will love?
  • Do you want to find out how you can stand out from the thousands of book pitches that are sent to editors every year?
  • Do you want to know how to avoid the top 10 mistakes that writers make, and learn step by step how to create a story that comes from your own unique experience?

Art agent and author, Lilla Rogers, says: “Creating a unique book comes from understanding what makes you unique and discovering the story you’re excited to tell. To help you do this, I’ve created a playful, personalized and structured course that will bring out your special story. It’s packed full of quirky worksheets and fun exercises that will guide you step by step to create your own special brilliant story.” Plus if you can illustrate and write a story, you are much more appealing to editors and art directors. You get to create your own characters and story, and then illustrate it. You also make twice the money—you get the advance as author and illustrator, and all the royaltie$ as well!”

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Do you dream of illustrating *AND* writing your very own magical children’s picture book?

  • Are you a creative person and a daydreamer?
  • Do you love reading picture books and feel like you could make a good story of your own?
  • Do you find yourself making up stories in your head?
  • Did you make up stories when you were little, maybe when you played with your dolls or toy animals?
  • Have you led an interesting life and have some stories of your own to tell? (Spoiler alert: Everyone’s life is interesting!)

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to write your very own unique picture book, and have been looking for a course that takes you through the process step-by-step, in an enjoyable and accessible way. Perhaps you’re looking for a course that’s jam-packed with information and tools, yet is playful and allows you to open up your creative mind to find stories you never knew that you had in you. If so, then this exciting course, My Kid Book Pitch, from Make Art That Sells and top art agent Lilla Rogers is for you!

You’ll get Lilla’s fun Magic Cards exercise in week 1 to get you thinking about characters, settings and scenarios

The picture book market is huge and really hot right now! Lilla’s art agency, Lilla Rogers Studio, is getting multiple commissions for their artists from editors and art directors. Parents and children are looking for the connection of reading picture books together, and the emphasis on home education is also boosting children’s book sales: put them both together, and this means publishers are looking for great new stories – which means that they need you (and your unique art, if you’re an artist)!

Perhaps you’re wondering:

  • How can you use your own unique self and experience to write an authentic, special picture book that editors will love?
  • How can you be original like your favorite books?
  • How can you write a picture book that stands out from the many thousands that are sent to editors every year?
  • How can you avoid the top 10 mistakes to avoid ending up in the slush pile?

Art agent, author and innovative educator, Lilla Rogers, says: “It comes from finding what makes you unique, and discovering the story you are excited to tell. I’ve created a playful, personalized, and structured course that brings out your special story, with all kinds of fun but insightful worksheets and exercises, alongside twice-weekly live sessions (plus my brilliant co-teacher, children’s book art director and picture book author, Zoë Tucker, will be joining me for the live review every week). I will move you forward bit by bit to help you find your passion and create your own brilliant story – the story that only you can write!”

Children's book spread showing a girl's hat blowing away

Children’s book spread by Martine  Stuhlberger for My  Kid Book Pitch

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My Kid Book Pitch Banner

For creatives, illustrators, writers, doodlers, daydreamers and anyone with a story to tell: let art agent and author Lilla teach you how to create an original story that editors will love!

This incredible four-week course will help you come up with a personal and unique picture book concept which you’ll develop in class using fun yet powerful worksheets that will have you digging deep into your own passions, thinking about what you want kids to learn and love, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to all of Lilla’s innovative, quirky teaching methods, such as her custom Magic Cards that will help you access your dreamy idea.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a great character, a title, a story-boarded dummy and your text.

My Kid Book Pitch Contents

Here’s what you get:

  • One assignment per week for the first three weeks (three assignments in total), plus bonus info in the final week on getting ready to send out your brilliant pitch
  • Two LIVE events per week (eight in total). Each Monday will be an interactive teaching show and tell of some stand-out children’s picture books with Lilla, and each Wednesday will be a live review of student work by Lilla and Zoë. This is an amazing opportunity to get YOUR work in front of an art agent and art director – and even if your work isn’t chosen, you’ll still learn a huge amount!
  • Surprise pop-in LIVE break-out events to inspire and motivate you. Get support and homework help in your mini writer’s group.
  • Tons of handouts, including a 100+ page downloadable workbook full of worksheets (including Lilla’s famous Blobby Worksheet!) and questionnaires to dig deep into your personality, Lilla’s custom Magic Cards to help you come up with a unique idea, your Make a Story Recipe, resources on how you can pitch your unique story, and lots more.

The downloadable materials revolve around Lilla’s playful Make A Story Recipe, which builds each week so it’s fun and never overwhelming. It includes cool custom playing cards to inspire ideas and help you fill out the Story Recipe, a Q&A to get you to probe what makes you unique, a character creation worksheet, and tons more. Plus every week you’ll also get a document outlining the problems Lilla sees and how to remedy them, based on her work with her artists.

Every Monday, you’ll have a LIVE class with Lilla where she’ll share some of her favorite picture books that illustrate key themes of the week: great characters, thrilling plots, fabulous first sentences and how they set the tone, and more.

And then every Wednesday from Week 2, there’ll be a LIVE gallery review. Each week you’ll get an assignment, and then Lilla and Zoë will personally read everything that’s submitted before the deadline (an amazing opportunity to get your work seen by a top art agent!) and talk about their top picks in each Wednesday live event. Even if your work isn’t chosen, it’s still an incredible learning opportunity!

Margo book spread showing a girl with a bird on her head by Paulene Hubsch

Margo by Paulene Hubsch for My Kid Book Pitch

Please note: Your assignments will involve writing a key portion of your manuscript text. Lilla and Zoë will review your assignments, but not your entire text, due to the size of the course. However, you will have all the tools you need to create a strong pitch, and you can of course run bits and pieces by your fellow students in the private Facebook group.

At the end of the course, you can expect to have everything you need for your pitch:

  • your own special idea
  • a fantastic, original and engaging character
  • a show-stopping opening line that will catch a reader’s attention and set the tone and mood for the whole book
  • a fun and authentic storyline with a narrative arc
  • a title
  • a story-boarded dummy

Lilla says: “With so many of my students having taken the children’s book illustration class, and others out there that are creative minds, I was excited to create for my students, even those with absolutely  no previous writing experience whatsoever, could create their own magical children’s book stories.”

Click here to hear Lilla talking more about her  course!

My Kid book Pitch promo with toys and cards

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Creative people – like you – have wonderful, powerful imaginations. Let art agent Lilla show you how you can tap into yours to create an exciting, original story: the book that only you can write.

In this course, taught by Lilla Rogers, an author and art agent of over 25 years , with brilliant children’s picture book art director and published picture book author, Zoë Tucker, Lilla has created a playful yet structured, accessible step-by-step technique that will help you create an original standout book – even if you don’t (yet) think of yourself as a writer.

  • This is an idea-building course and a playful way to come up with fresh ideas and write your own story.
  • It will get you started with writing your own unique story, even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer.
  • It’s a really quirky way of creating a picture book concept — passion-based, play-based, and inspiration-based.

Lilla says: “You don’t need to be an illustrator to take this course, but if you can illustrate and write a story, you are that much more appealing to editors and art directors. You get to create your own characters and your own story and then illustrate it so it becomes your total vision. You also make twice the money—you get the advance as author and illustrator, and all the royaltie$ as well.”

She adds: “A little while ago, I became obsessed with the idea of teaching my students and my artists how to write a really excellent story for a picture book. I wanted to teach it in a way that was playful and imaginative, but with lots of concrete tips and plenty of downloadables and examples. When I write a new course, I think of who can it help. Who is it for? Who will benefit? Then, I build the content with that in mind. If you’re going to write a picture book shouldn’t it come from a playful and lively experience? Shouldn’t the process be fun for you? I’ve created of course the way I love to teach—getting you to literally play with your characters.”

The My Kid Book Pitch course is based on the way that Lilla works with the amazing artists she represents, and includes tons of insider info on how you can avoid the 10 things never to do that Lilla has seen from book pitches submitted to her, plus hints and tips from children’s picture book art director and author Zoë. You’ll follow Lilla’s step-by-step playful yet effective process, to create something very special, personal, and unique, ready to wow editors and art directors alike!

Master teacher Lilla teaches in the way that only she can, using sneaky tricks and play to get you to enjoy yourself and create your very best work: you’ll be amazed by what you can do. Combined with Zoë’s practical expertise, it’s a winning combo for your success!

Children's Books laid out on a desk

Some of Lilla’s current favorite children’s books!  Let her show you how to get gigs like these!

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This course is for anyone who feels like they have a story to tell. Lilla says: “In common with all my courses, My Kid Book Pitch is about being the best that you can be, and being as authentic as possible.”

You don’t need to know how to draw for this course, but if you are an illustrator then this course is perfect for you because as an author and agent, Lilla knows exactly how to teach illustrators to come up with cool, original ideas – just like she does for the artists that she represents (read about their experience of beta testing My Kid Book Pitch here!).

Are you …

  • an artist – anywhere from beginner to professional – who would love to write and illustrate your very own picture book?
  • an artist who doesn’t (yet) think of yourself as a writer?
  • a writer who has already written some books but wants to explore the dreamy world of picture book writing?
  • someone who has already written and/or illustrated a picture book but wants to up your game or find a fresh new approach?
  • someone who has never written or drawn much but feel like you have a story to tell?
  • someone who loves to read picture books and would love to write your own, but don’t know where to start?
  • a professional artist who has a brilliant illustration career and now wants to create and illustrate your own characters and world?
  • an accomplished picture books writer who wants to rediscover your authenticity or find inspiration in a playful way?
  • a writer who is successful in other areas and wants to break into this hot market?
  • or just someone who feels like you could write an incredible story, if only you had the tools and info?

Whether you’re a writer, illustrator, doodler or daydreamer, Lilla’s playful yet structured step-by-step techniques will help you create an original, standout picture book.

In short, whoever you are, if you want to write and illustrate your own kids’ book, you want a fun way to come up with a fantastic, authentic concept, you want to do it in the company of one of the most supportive and inspiring online communities around, and you want four weeks of Lilla’s warm and whimsical teaching style with exciting and motivating LIVE classes – book your spot now!

EMILY HAMILTON children's book spread

Emily Hamilton for My Kid Book Pitch

Find out how to write your own unique children’s book, sign up today!

Lilla Rogers is one of the most successful illustration agents in the world, managing the careers of over 35 high-caliber artists whose works you’ve undoubtedly seen in children’s books, magazines, greeting cards, and on scads of deliciously designed goods from bed linens and tote bags to journals and wall art. Lilla has sold art for products and ad campaigns worth over quarter of a billion US dollars and has clients all over the globe. Being on the front lines, as an agent that assigns art for dozens of books, Lilla knows the trends – and the pitfalls.

Lilla says: “This is the kind of thing that I do with my artists to get them to come up with unique ideas for projects. Then they go off and create it. So, my expertise is helping people get cool ideas. The editor takes it from there. In fact, I got some of my artists to beta test the course for me during their virtual residency this year: you can read how they got on and what they thought of the course here. We’ve just started sending out their pitches, and I can’t wait to get the first few book deals!”

Lilla adds: “The course content is based on the 10 things I’ve seen illustrators do over the years from when they show me their text for a picture book. I’ve seen all the mistakes. The course actually came about from a document outlining all the things not to do and what to do that I give to my artists!”

As well as being a top art agent, Lilla is also a skilled educator and has taught everyone from little kids to professional artists. She prides herself on the effectiveness of her teaching and making learning with her accessible, achievable and fun. As a creative person herself, she knows how to gear her teaching towards creative minds, and bring out the very best in them. You’ll be amazed by what you can do!

Lilla is the author of  I Just Like to Make Things, available on Amazon. Find out more about Lilla here.

Meet your teacher, author and art agent Lilla Rogers

This popular e-course ran for the first time in late 2020, and it was beta tested by some of the artists represented by Lilla during her virtual residency earlier in the year. Read on to find out what they thought of the course, or click here to read more.

Kelly Anne Dalton

Like all Make Art That Sells courses, the materials and instruction are so well laid out. Lilla has the perfect formula to coax a character and story right out of you before the dreaded artist’s/writer’s block even has a chance to set in.

Photos of Kelly Anne Dalton, her studio and her kid book pitch

Kelly Anne’s writing chair in her studio (middle) and her story boards from creating her kid book pitch (right).

It’s perfect for people at any stage in the process, from beginner to advanced. My thoroughly left-brained husband (who claims he has no imagination, but wanted to help) was easily able to tap into Lilla’s course model and write a hilarious story of his own, complete with a full story arc and resolution. He is now ready to quit his day job and write children’s books all day!

Katie Vernon

The course makes it all feel doable. It takes a very daunting task and gives you the outline for what you need to get it done.

The magic cards at the start really got the creative juices flowing and sparked some fun ideas for me. I also loved the blank story boarding: using Post-its allowed me to reimagine a few parts of my story to make it flow better.

Cover of the Put on Your Owl Eyes Book with illustration by Katie Vernon

Illustrations by Katie Vernon for Storey Publishing.

The most interesting part was that by the end, all six of us artists had very different, very unique-to-us stories. It didn’t feel like any of our stories would be competing for a particular spot in the market.

Mara Penny

This course was amazing! There is so much to learn! I enjoyed the first week’s worksheets that encourage you to do some self-exploration to really round out your character. Also, I had not considered perspective or tense when I wrote my first draft. It changed the tone of my story quite a bit. The magic cards were… magic!

Spread of a book, Like A Girl, illustrated by Mara Penny.

Illustrations for Like A Girl, illustrated by Mara Penny.

I would start the worksheets thinking I knew where it would lead but it always opened doors to another path I hadn’t considered which further transformed my story. I found that fascinating!

This course will be beneficial to people wanting to write a picture book. It encourages you to think about all aspects of the character, to really get a good handle on them before you start your text. It also offers you a glimpse into your own mind and what makes you tick.

Erica Root

I never imagined that in only one week I would have been able to write, edit, and modify the full text for my own children’s book and to also create an entire book dummy to show what illustrations will be on which page to accompany specific parts of the story.

(Note from MATS: *Please note that the full course will be spread over four weeks, with a week dedicated to coming up with a unique character, three weeks of writing, twice-weekly live sessions with Lilla and more! Lilla’s artists beta tested the course over a week.)

The course helped to take an idea in my head and form it into something that I could really work with and develop further. I found the storyboard worksheet really helpful: by seeing everything laid out in front of me, it allowed me to see the parts of the story that weren’t really working. I then swapped some of the pages around, and the flow was immediately improved.

Illustration of a girl for Illustrating Children's Books by Erica Root

Art by Erica for Illustrating Children’s Books.

The course takes away a lot of the self-doubt and intimidation that can come with trying something new and, instead, directs your focus on how to create compelling characters, a captivating story path, and illustrations that translate the story into a visually beautiful world for your characters which is all built off of your own unique idea.

I truly feel that if you even have so much as a tiny spark of an idea or an interest in creating stories for children, this course will guide you right through every step from idea to pitch. The robustness of the course materials and worksheets take all of the intimidation away to allow your focus and attention to be placed on the fun stuff: letting your imagination and creativity run wild.

Read more about what Lilla’s artists thought of My Kid Book Pitch here.

If you have a question about Make Art That Sells please check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. If you do not find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Q: Do I need to have a story in mind before class? What if I have a story idea? What if I don’t have a story idea?

A: Lilla says “Either is totally fine! I’m delighted if you come to class without an idea because I’m excited to see the amazing and unique ideas that you to come up with using my custom Magic Cards. But if you already have an idea in mind or a brand new idea after reading a picture book, etc, that you want to start with and develop further, that’s great too. The very first exercises for Week 1 – Day 1 even – will get you to play, to experiment, to dig deep and explore your unique, amazing, creative self. Creative people like you have the most wonderful imaginations! You may find that you come up with something completely fresh that you like better, a new way of thinking about your character or your story, or you might still be in love with your idea and see clearly how it’s going to work. It’s all good. I wrote it for any and all of these situations.”

Q: I’ve already taken Illustrating Children’s Books. Is there much overlap between that and this course?

A: No, there’s no overlap between the two courses. Illustrating Children’s Books is all about picture book illustration and will help you build a fantastic portfolio targeted at landing children’s book illustration work. My Kid Book Pitch focuses completely on writing your very own children’s picture book. Lilla will give supplemental assignments for illustrators to help build a really strong, eye-catching pitch, but the content of the two courses is completely different.

Q: Will the whole of my text be reviewed?

A: No. Lilla and Zoë will review your assignments, which will involve writing a key portion of your manuscript text. but not your entire text, due to the size of the course. However, you will have all the tools you need to create a strong pitch, and you can of course run bits and pieces by your fellow students in the private Facebook group.

Q: I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work? Do I need to be at my computer at a certain time?

A: The course happens in a gorgeous password-protected private classroom right here on this site. There is a separate online classroom here on the Make Art That Sells website for each course, divided into lessons. While the class is live, lessons will be made available throughout the live period of the course, and you can actually tick off each class as you complete it to keep track of your progress.

The beauty of an online course is that you can check in whenever you like and do not need to be online at a specific time as the content will be available 24/7, so it does not matter what time zone you are in. You can log on every day if you choose, or set aside time once or twice a week to work through it.

The written content in the class will be downloadable and you will have access to the classroom for six months after the end of class so you have plenty of time to go back through everything at your own pace.

There will also be a private Facebook group where you can connect with others and share images of your work, and this will remain open indefinitely.

Q: What format is the class taught in?

A: The class is taught using live interactive video sessions, written posts, downloadable information including a 100+-page worksheet and valuable resources, and a huge amount of imagery. Everything is made available in a bespoke, password-protected private classroom. There are assignments as well as a handful of additional creative exercises in the course.

Q: Do I need to have a drawing tablet or be able to create digital illustrations for this course? 

A: You don’t need any special software or equipment for this course. Our students use all kinds of different methods, some are strictly digital, others are traditional artists, and lots are in between. Any method you want to use to create your illustrations is fine!

Q: It says the class is live, but can I still do it at my own pace?

A: Yes! There are lots of live elements in our live courses (live reviews, live Zoom webinars, etc),  but all of it is saved and made available in the classroom. You have access to all live course materials for six months after the end of the course. You do not have to be online at a particular time, unless you want to see and join in with the live Zoom webinars or other live events while they are being broadcast. All live content will be saved and posted in the classrooms shortly after each live session, so you can watch each replay if you missed it, or even watch the video/live content multiple times if you’d like. Once the lessons are published in the live classes, you can revisit and complete the course content at your own pace.

Q: What if I can’t draw people?

A: No problem! Some of the most amazing children’s books don’t even include illustrations of human characters: some books feature animals, made-up creatures, and even anthropomorphized objects, like talking pencils! Here’s the key to a great character, whether it’s a girl, a bird or a stick: it’s about capturing personality.

If you’d like to increase your confidence around drawing faces, have a look at Lilla’s mini self-paced course, Lilla’s Art Recipes: Drawing Faces.

Q: What if I can draw people and have actually illustrated children’s books? Will I learn anything new?

A: We promise that between Lilla, Zoë, and all your new classmates that you’ll meet, you’ll be exposed to many different perspectives and have lots of light bulb moments. Plus, the live Zoom webinars are real-time videos that discuss the work being done for class, so that’s another opportunity to learn what an agent and former illustrator and a children’s book art director and picture book author think about the work being done for the course – maybe even yours! And of course, it’s an amazing opportunity to get your work noticed by art agent Lilla, who is always looking to scoop up new talent from class.

Q: Can I access Make Art That Sells courses from any device?  

A: Yes, you can access Make Art That Sells courses from any device once registered, but we strongly recommend viewing our courses on a desktop or laptop for the best user experience. We pack lots of information and visuals into our courses and they are best viewed on larger screens.

Q: How hard is the course?

A: Lilla is a gifted teacher and has broken down the assignments into clear steps to help you create great art without getting overwhelmed. This course is suitable for all stages and abilities.

Q: Does it matter what order I take Make Art That Sells courses in?

Make Art That Sells courses can be taken in any order. You can take each course individually, or take them all to put a rocket under your creative career!

Q: How do I choose which course is right for me?

A: It really depends on whether you are looking to learn.

    • If you want to know what art directors look for in the top ten art markets and how to go about creating work they might buy… you want Hot Markets for Your Art Part A and Part B.
    • If you want to know how to pitch ideas for entire product collections for the lucrative home décor market, to sell MORE of your work to each client, you want Creating Collections for Home Décor.
    • If you want to create a stunning children’s book illustration pitch that includes everything an agent or art director will want to see, you want Illustrating Children’s Books.
    • If you just want to have assignments to stretch you creatively and build your portfolio weekly over three months, you want Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio or over four months with Bootcamp Special: Character Play.
    • Please note, if you want the opportunity to put questions to Lilla and have the possibility of having your work reviewed, you want to sign up for  one of our live courses – in 2023. If you are happy just to have the chance to get your work featured in an online gallery and get support from your creative peers and have a smaller budget available, you want Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio.

Q: I will be away for some of the time the class is running. Does this matter?

A: My Kid Book Pitch is an intensive class, so ideally you would want to check-in at least weekly. However, you should be able to catch up if you are away for a week or less at a time.

Q: I am not a digital artist. Is this course for me?

A: All of the assignments given in the course are suitable for both traditional and digital artists to interpret in their own way.

Q: Will I be able to communicate with others in the class?

Yes, you will be able to communicate in the private Facebook group provided (where you can also share images of your work and your ideas). This will be a great chance to connect with other artists and designers, get different perspectives and share your work. Our students find this one of the best parts of Make Art That Sells.

Q: Will the class material be available after the class has ended?

A: Yes, you will have access to the classroom for six months after the class has ended. The written class content can be downloaded from class. The private Facebook group will remain available to you indefinitely.

Q. Is this an art class or a business class?

A: It is both, but it is not a technique class. The course focuses on giving you the insider view on what you need to do when creating your pitch to make it more commercially viable while still being uniquely you. As with all of our classes, there is a strong creative element to it, but it also looks at the children’s book industry in-depth and gives business insight there.

Q: When is the class?

A: The class runs from May 29th to June 25th, 2023.

Q: How much is it and how do I register?

A: My Kid Book Pitch is £329, which is approximately USD $364. Please note this approximate $ equivalent is given for reference only. When paying by Paypal, you will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate.

Depending on your country of residence, you may also be charged sales tax on check out. This will automatically be calculated when you register.

Click “Add to cart” to register. If a course is not yet on sale, join the waiting list and we will be in touch to let you know when the course is on sale.

Q: I see the prices are given in GBP (British pounds). Can I pay in another currency?

A: Yes, Paypal accepts most currencies. All class fees are charged in GBP (British pounds), and this will be the amount which shows up in your Paypal transaction, but you will automatically be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate valid at the point you sign up – so if you have a USD$ bank account the funds will be removed in USD$.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We process all our payments with Paypal, a safe and secure way of sending money online. If you do not have a Paypal account you can sign in as a Paypal guest and pay via credit or debit card. All class fees are in GBP (British pounds) but you will automatically be charged in your local currency at the prevailing Paypal exchange rate valid at the point you sign up.

Q: I don’t live in the USA. Is this course relevant for me?

A: Lilla Rogers represents artists internationally and has clients all over the world. Although the main buyers for art in the markets covered are in the US and the UK, much of the content is relevant for you wherever in the world you are, especially if you are interested in selling your work internationally. And because everything is made available to you online, it does not matter what time zone you are in.

Q.: How is this course different from Lilla’s book?

A: Lilla’s book ‘I Just Like To Make Things’ is a fantastic resource and is highly recommended as a companion to Make Art That Sells courses. Being spiral bound you can draw and journal in it. Full of annotated visuals, it provides insights into a variety of art and craft markets. However, this course takes you step-by-step through building a strong pitch to showcase your work. It also gives you the opportunity to get your art in front of Lilla as well as become part of a community. Perhaps most importantly, you have the chance to put your questions to Lilla when the course is live.

Q: How is this course different to a college course?

A: As an agent whose artists have illustrated and authored lots of children’s books, Lilla knows exactly what sells and what doesn’t sell. She knows what clients are looking for and how to present work to them. The course is based on many years of experience in the industry, and a clear understanding of where the gaps are.

As an online course, you can attend from the comfort of your own home or studio, anywhere in the world, and the private classroom is open 24/7 so you can make it work around your life.

By registering for any of the Make Art That Sells classes and participating in any of the Make Art That Sells community areas, please be aware you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • You acknowledge that your work will only get viewed by Lilla if you submit your assignment(s) as directed when any given class is live. You also acknowledge that although Lilla will view every piece of work submitted and provide general feedback to class during any live courses, and that only a handful of pieces will be chosen each week for specific critique (which will be shared with the class), and there is no guarantee that you will receive personal critique from Lilla during the course. Furthermore, you acknowledge that there is no feedback from Lilla Rogers offered in any course which is not live.
  • You agree that Make Art That Sells may give permission to select art directors to view the finished works submitted for critique in MATS A/B/Home Décor/Lilla’s Art Recipes: Drawing Faces/My Toy Pitch, My Kid Book Pitch. Should they be interested in working with you, Make Art That Sells will put you in contact and you can continue your discussions directly.
  • You give permission for Make Art That Sells to use any images you submit for critique in any class, or share in the class community area, to be included in any future class-related marketing or promotional strategies, online or offline. You will always be credited and will retain the rights to your work.
  • You agree to the class Ground Rules which are as follows: (i) Stay open (ii) Be positive (iii) No negative critique of others (iv) No excuses are necessary. If you miss a deadline for submitting your assignment that is fine, but the entire class does not need to know the reasons for that.
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Make Art That Sells, 2022

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Fabulous thermos for the fungi in your life by Make Art That Sells student Mara Penny for Creating Collections for Home Décor 🍄

@mara.penny #MakeArtThatSells #HomeDecorDesign #HomeDecorCollection #Thermos #Flask #Mushroom #Fungi

Art by Make Art That Sells student Erica Root for Assignment Bootcamp 😍

@illustrate_this_life #MakeArtThatSells #ArtBootcamp #ArtAssignment #JournalCover #JournalCoverDesign #FloralArt #BotanicalArt

Did you see the FREE mini illustration assignment from art agent Lilla Rogers in yesterday’s blog?

It’s fun to get prompts that spark your creativity, plus the more art you make the better your art will get, and the more money you’ll make.

If you missed it, head over to our blog to catch up now – link in Stories or copy and paste 👉

Art by Tequitia Andrews, another Make Art That Sells student who is now represented by Lilla Rogers Studio after Lilla saw her art in class.

@tequitia_andrews #MakeArtThatSells #IllustrationAssignment #IllustratorsOfInstagram #SummerDrink #Beverage

Have you watched Lilla's FREE five part video series on writing and illustrating arty books yet? 🤩

If you've yet to take the plunge, here's a little teaser to give you a taste. Sound on!

Get it here now for FREE - link in Stories or copy and paste 👉

Please note the images show a selection of arty books on general sale.

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Head over to our blog for a fab FREE mini assignment from top art agent Lilla Rogers. You’ll get to make a piece of art that’s great for your portfolio, plus read top tips from Lilla along the way.

Get it now – link in Stories or copy and paste 👉

Art by Janie Secker, a Make Art That Sells student who is now represented by Lilla Rogers Studio after Lilla saw her art in class.

@janie_secker #MakeArtThatSells #ArtAssignment #FreeArtAssignment #IllustrationPortfolio #PortfolioArt #Cocktails

More beautiful artwork from Creating Collections for Home Décor 2023 by Make Art That Sells student Erin Williams 😍

P.S. In tomorrow’s blog, we’re giving out a FREE mini assignment from art agent Lilla Rogers. Get it direct to your inbox – sign up for our mailing list now! Link in Highlights or copy and paste 👉

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We recently shared our top 10 Instagram tips for creatives over on our blog (if you missed it, catch up now – follow the link in our Stories or copy and paste 👉 ).

A follower got in touch with this great tip, so we thought we’d share:

“I'm an art director and I just read your 10 tips for artists on Instagram. Re: reels/videos: I understand this boosts artists' visibility, so they have to do it – but I'd recommend starting it with a finished shot of the piece OR making sure they post the finished art to their timeline too. I do most of my sourcing through Instagram, and it's as simple as like and save, then I go back through my saved images when I need something. If it's a video, it can be confusing and take too long to wait until I get to the end, and it's harder to take a screencap, which is how I organize my files on my computer, so I know who to contact for each piece.” -Retail Art Director, Denik

Many thanks, and we hope our followers find it helpful!

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Dreamy florals by Make Art That Sells student Julia Freund for Creating Collections for Home Décor 😍

P.S. In Thursday’s blog, we’re giving out a FREE mini assignment from art agent Lilla Rogers. Don’t miss it! Sign up for our mailing list now and get it direct to your inbox! Link in Highlights or copy and paste 👉

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Happy unboxing Friday (that's totally a thing, right?)! Here's Lilla unpacking some stunning cards by her artist Hsinping Pan. Enjoy! 😍

@lillarogers @hsinpingpan #MakeArtThatSells #LillaRogersStudio #HsinpingPan #GreetingsCards #Unboxing

Calling all crafters! Have you watched the FREE five part video series on writing and illustrating your very own arty book from art agent Lilla yet? 🤩

Head over to today’s blog for the link – along with some HUGE news about Lilla’s NEW My Arty Book Pitch course 👀

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More beautiful artwork from Creating Collections for Home Décor 2023 by Make Art That Sells student Jenny Miriam 😍

@jennymiriamillustration #MakeArtThatSells #MATSHomeDecor #HomeDecor #MetalTray #Doorstop

We are all about lifting up women's artistic voices and empowering women everywhere in their creative careers. Happy International Women's Day from the Make Art That Sells team! xxx

"It matters to me to help creative women thrive and find their voices. What an amazing time we live in, where women are speaking out and being heard like never before. I want to help them build creative confidence, develop their art style and trust their unique, idiosyncratic voices." - Lilla Rogers

#InternationalWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2023 #IWD #IWD2023 #WomenSupportingWomen

Hoooo wouldn’t love to snuggle up under this gorgeous bedding by Make Art That Sells student Mara Penny for Creating Collections for Home Décor? 🦉

@mara.penny #MakeArtThatSells #CreatingCollectionsForHomeDecor #HomeDecorCollection #OwlArt #Owls

Some of the stunning artwork coming out of this year’s Creating Collections for Home Décor class 😍 This glamping tin tea set by Make Art That Sells student Mary O’Malley has got us dreaming of summer festivals and nights under the stars …

@maryomalleyart #MakeArtThatSells #MATSCCHD #HomeDecorDesign #Glamping #TeaSet

Do you ever just like to play?

Remember Lilla's blue blobs from February 14th? Here's what happened next ...

What now? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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Create a gorgeous portfolio, then just send it to agents and art directors, right?

But where do you find agents and art directors? 🤔

Art agent Lilla shares her expertise ❤️

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Make Art That Sells student Brian Lambert was offered an illustration gig after a publisher spotted this character from art he created for Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio on his Instagram account!

On today’s blog, we’re sharing our top 10 tips for Instagram for creatives. Read it now – link in Stories or copy and paste 👉

What are your top tips for Instagram? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments!

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Make Art That Sells student Sirjana Kaur created this art for a free #MATSprep assignment. She shared it on Instagram, where it was spotted by Cartoon Network, who then asked her to do some freelance character design!

We’ll be sharing our top 10 tips for Instagram for creatives in our weekly newsletter TOMORROW – make sure you’re on our mailing list so you don’t miss out! Find the link in our highlights or copy and paste 👉

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