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The MATS Festive Student Showcase – part 5

We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase part 5 of the festive designs and products they have created for the season. See all the festive showcase posts here


Lisa Kirkbride

This image is a Christmas themed image for a promotional postcard we are producing for the art collective I am now a member of – Finch & Foxglove. We all worked to a consistent coloured palette and the image was inspired by the designs I made for the party paper assignment in Week 5 of MATSB.

Lisa Kirkbride

I have taken MATSA (twice!), MATSB (twice!), MATS Creating Collections for Home Decor, Bootcamp (twice!) & I also had a fantastic time at the Global Art Gathering.

MATS has given me more confidence, tools and industry knowledge and the assignments have been both challenging and fun. As a result of MATS I am now a part of a collective – Finch &Foxglove. We are 8 artists (4 from Europe and 4 from the US) and we will be exhibiting at Surtex in 2016 – something which I would never of believed possible before starting on MATS (in fact a few of us met at Global Art Gathering in Brighton which was a brilliant experience).

The class Facebook community is invaluable and I love being part of a group of encouraging, supportive and inspirational artists. I’m looking forward to 2016, new challenges and experiences, developing my portfolio and meeting all my fellow finches (and lots more familiar faces) in New York in May.

See more of Lisa’s work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Canigrin Chen

Be Merry postcard – Ski season christmas greeting card can be purchased here
Canigrin-ChenI have taken MATS A

I used to panic about not having the right topic to create, and often stuck when it comes to the ‘coloring’ part in my creating process. In MATS A, there’s huge part of the class that I learn from the classmates. I got immediate help from choosing colors to drawing technique. It’s a feel of being surround physically by a group of talented artist even we’re miles away in every corner of the world. After seeing how everyone has her own unique take on the same topic, I feel escalated and thus never worried about finding new inspiration. Now my panic is about there are so many topics I love to work on but I don’t have enough time to do them all at once!

My next step will be explore more in pattern design, to spend more time creating and make more product in my little shop and also aims to license my art here in Taiwan. I’m happy I took this class which really push me to leave my comfort zone, so that I can see my work evolves!

See more of Canigrin’s work here: Instagram | Facebook


Lisa Baudry

A holiday season card design completed during the MATS B course this year. My greeting card design features a toy train built from a set of wooden blocks. I chose a vintage colour palette and built up my design in layers, incorporating various hand-drawn elements alongside photographed ones.

I have taken MATS A (20140 & B (2015) and MATS Bootcamp (2015)

My artwork is evolving thanks to teaching and support of Lilla Rogers and the MATS community she has established. The courses have helped clarify my art process and given me tools to address psychological barriers I had towards my art-making.

The assignments have stretched me in directions I wouldn’t have gone in otherwise with subject matter and art direction that has provided me with a whole lot of new work for my portfolio and plenty of other artistic material to keep working with.

2016 I wish to consolidate and evolve my work as I believe my signature style will emerge. I have been taught by Lilla to stay open and look for opportunities. I will continue to do this and I am excited about what is around the corner!

See more of Lisa’s work here:


Nataša Kaiser illustration

I’m happy to showcase this snowman couple I did for our Finch & Foxglove Art Collective Adventcalendar!

I took MATS A, MATS B and was in the semifinals of this years Global Talent Search. I had fun in Bootcamp – I’ll be definitely back for more!

From the classes I learned to build up a piece of art step by step by enjoying the Mini Assignments and putting things together to a „grand final“ in the and – what a joy! Also I’m happy and thankful to have found many new fellow artists, colleagues and friends – well, my ‘tribe’! – to feel connected, and be able to ask and share!

I met 7 awesome ladies in your classes and together we are planning to go to SURTEX next year (as FinchandFoxglove) – this is so exciting and I’m looking forward to meet many of my new virtual contacts and friends in real life! Thank you for all those wonderful opportunities and experiences – 2016 is going to be so exciting!

See more of Nataša’s work here:


Natalie Lymer | Cinderberry

“Remember the time Rudolf arrived in his knitted suit”?


I just completed my first Lilla course MATS A – coming back in 2016 for more :)

I love how I can see the progression of my artwork with each new piece created during MATS A. 2016 will be a year of further development while I complete MATS B, Home Decor and Bootcamp and I work on my portfolio – so excited to see my work evolve to a new level.

See more of Natalie’s work here: Website | Facebook


Dominika Bozic/Les Chérubins

‘Santa is a girl’ collection includes gift card, gift tag and a bookmark with my original illustration made with acrylics on canvas. They are all professionally printed on a high quality paper. Gift card comes with a three different 3d stickers and a bookmark is finished off with a lamination and comes with my handmade tassel.


I have attended MATS Bootcamp 2015

Bootcamp helped me a lot in a way to do more research work and dig deep in my soul before starting to work on my illustrations, to try something new like new color palette, new medium, to sketch more before starting working on a final piece.

It also helped me to connect with so many talented artists around the world and be able to ask them for any advice or help when ever I need although the class is over. I am inspired with the work from all those artists and by looking at their work it keeps me motivated to work more and to develop my skills.

See more of Dominika’s work here: Blog | Facebook | Instagram


Margaret Baxter
Fabric design for a fat quarter size. Great for pillows or quilts. Holiday festive. The fabric can be purchased here

Margaret Baxter

I just finished the MATS A class and I will say I had a blast. Got some great info on how to sell my work and had a lot of great input from Lilla and other artists that was really inspirational and helpful. It has given me more confidence and a new drive to get my work out there.

See more of Margaret’s work here:


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