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MATS Home Decor Student Showcase part 2 {January 2016 class}


We are so proud of our wonderful Make Art That Sells alumni and are pleased to showcase a series of gorgeous work that was produced in our January session of Creating Collections for Home Décor


Carol Lelivelt


Carol-PhotoI chose my Wood presentation board as my favorite image because I think it’s a fantastic array of very salable products with lots of fun patterns.  Featured are sea life, seashells, bubbles, seaweed, macrame, and lettering in colors of nautical blues, driftwood, and a pop of “crab” red.
How did the Home Décor class help you grow?
The Home Decor class made me grow by forcing me to do a lot of designing in a short amount of time.  It was a good challenge to figure out how the patterns I created would best suit the substrate and product I put them on.
What did you discover about yourself?
I discovered a new love for marine life!  Also that 1 or 2 excellent pieces on a board is more impactful than many average ones.  Everything on the board should be special yet relate to each other.
How would you describe the course to a friend?
I would describe this course as very intense but loads of fun.  You really feel a connection to Lilla, Margo and the FB group.  You will accomplish more than you ever expected, it’s very satisfying!

See more work here: Website | Instagram


Charlie pOp


charlieThis image is my favorite. It comes from week2, week featuring Fabric as the guest-star! Fabric is really a substrate I’m enjying working on. The embellishments are endless and even if I didn’t used all possibilities, I love the fact it can appear in many forms, volumes. And the play with scales on patterns. I was very excited to propose a plaid also, I’d love to get one like this. I even got the cushions printed as I so enjoyed what comes for this Home Decor’s 5 weeks !

How did the Home Décor class help you grow?

It gives the self-confidence to present a shw about children fashion. I work as a children illustrations’ illustrator. I also do a lot of patterns but for paper use as stationery, origami, activities for children…

What did you discover about yourself?

I’d love to work in textile but I needed a little hand in my back to go and the work done during these 5 weeks helped me to get self-confidence. Also it gives me pieces to present at the show. Deadlines, community support are great to grow. And I love how Lilla teaches ! So energizing !

How would you describe the course to a friend?

With all the precious advice and teaching about embellishments, possibilities of substrates, it was really rewarding ! It was really a fun part of the assignments to write the explanations’ board, using all these new learning’s. This course was really intense!

See more work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


Laura Medei


LAURA_MEDEI_profileThis is my entry for Home Décor ceramic week, Fiorin Fiorello, the board I loved most because it exactly reflects my idea of having fun while creating. I had a lot of fun in making it. Moreover… I adore my chickens!

How did the Home Décor class help you grow?

It gave me the freedom to trust in my own style. I learned how to face challenges without feeling frightened or inadequate. Does my style look less appealing than others? No fears. As Lilla says… there’s room for all of us out there.

What did you discover about yourself?

I’ve discovered myself stronger as an artist and more aware of my abilities then I was before.

 How would you describe the course to a friend?

All MATS courses are eye opening, this one in particular. It may change the way you live you own art. I surely recommend it.

See more work here: Website | Blog | Instagram | Facebook


Amy L. Frazer, Design and Illustration


20160208vev_studios_fashion_photography_for_women_in_portland_amy_frazer07I really like this image that I created for the final week of Home Decor. It is a conglomeration of the products I worked on over the course of the 5 weeks. I chose the Farm Fresh mood board and it provided a tremendous amount of inspiration. In addition I created a Pinterest board to add even more of my own inspirations and expand on the theme.

My focus was to create fresh patterns using colors and patterns pulling from the natural world- flowers, bees, wood textures, plaid, stripes. I tried to design things for the modern home and focused less on the country aspect of Farm Fresh. That is what I love about this course- you get the direction, the inspiration and then are encouraged to put your own spin on the themes. Love that. I designed products that I’d love to have in my home.
How did the Home Decor class help you grow?
I learned the value of starting early on sketches and concepts- not procrastinating!  Just dive in and have fun and don’t be intimidated by the work ahead. I had some travel that occurred during the class- to Cuba-and was not able to participate in 2 weeks of the class. Instead of beating myself up about this, I took my sketchbook and paints with me and continued to work.
I learned more about mocking up products and displaying them in a way that Art Directors can be inspired by the ideas that I present. This was a tough course, but I came out on the other end  of it believing more in myself and my abilities.
What did you discover about yourself?
Wow. So much! The  one thing that stands out is that I discovered that I really enjoyed being invested in supporting other artists and sharing information. I enjoyed sharing tips and tricks on techniques used in Photoshop and Illustrator, sharing links to other sources such as brushes for computer programs and really just giving others a note of support when they needed it.
I also learned what motivates me to get moving and rituals that I can design into my day and process to get myself invested in a project.
How would you describe the course to a friend?
Intense! This class is really a commitment and investment in your career. I really had to shift things around in my life a bit to clear space to work on the projects. Sometimes that just meant taking my sketchbook to coffee with a friend, or not attending an event in the evening.  There was such a support system coming at me from all angles though- from Lilla to Margo to the students in the class- that I felt like we were all in it together and invested each other as much as ourselves.
See more work here: Website | Facebook
Katy Bloss
Hand painted home decor collection for a new baby by illustrator Katy Bloss.
Ceramic week was my favourite, not just because I love the substrate, but I got over my fear of hand lettering and now I love it! I feel like my products and presentation really came together in my style.How did the Home Décor class help you grow?
 The Home Decor class has grown my confidence tenfold. The amount of work I created and also the improvement I saw week to week was astonishing.

What did you discover about yourself?

 Challenging myself to try something new in a design gives great results, I can’t fail because I learn something from even the little mistakes.

How would you describe the course to a friend?

 The course is very intensive with a steep learning curve. It will help you grow, not just in your design skills and knowledge of the Home Decor market, but also in your ability to stay positive and believe in yourself.
See more work here: Website | Instagram | Facebook


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