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Announcing Lilla Rogers newest artist, Mara Penny!

Last week, Lilla Rogers Studio announced some very exciting news! They’ve taken on Make Art That Sells alumna artist Mara Penny to be represented by the agency. This is truly a dream come true for Mara!

Mara took a TON of our courses multiple times and her work just kept getting better. She was a standout in the Make Art That Sells courses, often getting selected to be included in the assignment reviews.

We caught up with Mara and asked her a few questions:

Q. How many Make Art That Sells courses have you taken?
A. I’ve taken a lot of MATS courses! In fact, I joke I have an “MFA” in MATS.

Created in Home Decor Class

Q. Tell us a little about how you got started in art and design.
A. I’ve been creative my entire life, so I guess I got started the day I was born ;)

Q. Lilla always says “People buy your joy.” What brings you joy?’
A. The creative process itself brings me joy. When it’s going really well I get into a zone where time stops. It’s hard to explain but it’s exhilarating and addicting.

Q. What are some of the key things you have learned from the MATS experience?
A. Where to begin? Drawing lots of icons and shopping your own work was a revolution in my brain! Breaking briefs into bite sized chunks also really helps to keep you from getting overwhelmed. Not dumbing down your work was another big one and of course, people really do buy your joy!

Q. If you could name a nail polish, what would you name it?
A. Blue Satin Sashes

Q. How do you stay inspired?
A. I love color. I am always looking for weird flora and unusual color combinations.

Q. What color combination are you most excited about right now?
A. Nude pinks with bright lemon yellow. I adore cool mint green next to acid chartreuse.

To get to know Mara better and take a look at her gorgeous portfolio, read more about here. Huge congratulations Mara!

Lilla and the MATS Team




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