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A few weeks ago, we shared a roundup of some of the jobs last year’s Bootcamp cohort landed due to art they’d made in Assignment Bootcamp – and today we’re sharing even more! Read on for more …

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Dani Knight

Dani created this gorgeous journal cover for Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio. It has now been licensed as a greeting card by a major card company and will be released later this summer or early fall.


Dani created this journal design for an Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio assignment, which has now been licensed as a greeting card. Make art that sells – sign up for Bootcamp here.

See more of Dani’s art on her website and Instagram.


Ana Bianchi

Ana told us how a Bootcamp Mini assignment on combining colors blew up into a year-long personal project called Color/Flora, which has now appeared in Uppercase magazine and is being turned into a book pitch.

AnaBianchi 03 1

Some of Ana’s Color/Flora palettes, inspired by a Bootcamp Mini assignment.

Ana told us: “I have always loved color. I always have my eyes open for interesting color combinations but this simple exercise clicked in a very special manner and I have since become my favorite color combo method and has stretched my range of use of color.”

Ana continues: “I’ve been doing Bootcamp for four years! For Bootcamp in 2020, Lilla gave us a Mini assignment all about color: we had to gather random stuff, group it and then make a color palette based on that. I gathered geraniums and other flowers that were blooming in my garden. I loved the assignment so much, so I did a few more. Then covid lockdown came and I decided to just continue making them. Through five seasons, from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021, I harvested color from my yard using anything that grew, bloomed, fruited or dried and decayed within my fence. I have hundreds of images and so far have made 100 color palettes.”

Ana B Uppercase

Ana’s Color/Flora project in Uppercase magazine. Grow your art and get inspired in Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio.

Ana continues: “My Color/Flora project was recently published in Uppercase magazine and is now almost pitch ready to send out to publishers in the hope it can become a color book useful for artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and also for floral, interior design and even wedding planners! The colors and flowers from Color/Flora are also serving as a base for big branding project I started working on last year that will feature my art on a very large scale. Unfortunately I cannot share anything about this just yet, maybe in 2023!”

See more of Ana’s art on her website and Instagram.

Karen Dreyfus

Karen has had not one but THREE pieces that she made for Bootcamp licensed to wall art companies, including her flower journal cover design, and a sketch for a Mini assignment. They are now available at Target, Home Depot, Wayfair, Walmart and Fine Art Canvas.

Karen Dreyfus 1

Karen’s journal cover designed, which has now been licensed as a wall art print for Target, Walmart, Home Depot and more.

Karen told us: “I’ve taken Bootcamp classes for several years and have loved all the assignments!”

Karen Dreyfus 2

The art that Karen created for a Bootcamp Mini assignment has also been licensed. This course could pay for itself! Find out more here.

See more of Karen’s art on her website and Instagram.

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