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LAST CHANCE! Does this course actually work??

Hurry hurry HURRY – registration for Creating Collections for Home Décor closes TODAY and we don’t know when this class will run as a LIVE course again, so if you want in then hop to it!

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Hold up, hold up. What’s Creating Collections for Home Décor? It’s an inspiring and intense LIVE five week course all about designing for the dreamy – and lucrative – home décor market: fabric, furniture, storage, tableware, bedlinen, vases, mugs – essentially anything you can buy to make your home more beautiful. It’s a huge market, and it’s booming right now – this course will show you how you can get a part of it.

Taught by top art agent Lilla Rogers and fabulous creative director Margo Tantau, will give you in-depth insight into five key substrates for the home décor market: fabric, wood, ceramics, glass, and metal. Plus – uniquely – it will teach you how to present your designs as collections, so you can sell more art to each client.

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And it’s LIVE, you say? What does that mean? For the past few years, Creating Collections for Home Décor has run as a self-paced course, meaning you get instant access as soon as you register and can complete all the course materials in your own time.

Due to popular demand, however, the course is now running as a live course for the first time since 2017, which means:

  • You get weekly deadlines, to keep you motivated and accountable (deadlines are a creative person’s best friend)
  • You’ll watch weekly LIVE reviews, which means that you may get YOUR art reviewed by Lilla and Margo – this pushes you to bring your A-game to every assignment (you’ll be amazed how much your art will grow) PLUS they’re always looking for new talent in class, so who knows where it may lead?
  • You get four brand NEW on-trend boards from trend queen Margo, so you can be sure that your designs are market savvy and up to date

… plus all the incredible content you’d usually get in this course, including five professional-level assignments to help you build a kickass pitch in just five weeks, advice on pitching full collections to art directors (plus Weekly Art Directors’ Cheat Sheets), in-depth videos on how to take your art from 2D to 3D, and lots more.

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In just five weeks, you could be holding five finished home décor collection pitches in your hands! What will it look like? And what could those products look like if they got picked up and made?

Does this course actually work? Will it get you gigs? YES! To give you some ideas (and because who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous products?!) we’re sharing some of the collections created in class by Katie Vernon and Zoë Ingram, who are both former Make Art That Sells students who are now represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Katie and Zoë both got these gigs as a result of being represented by Lilla Rogers Studio, and they got represented by Lilla Rogers Studio by taking Make Art That Sells classes. Lilla is always looking for new artists about her Make Art That Sells students – could you be next?


Katie Vernon


Katie Vernon anthropologie montage

Katie Vernon’s art created in class (left) and the products picked up by Anthropologie (centre and right). Want to see your art in stores like this? Hurry – sign up now!

Imagine walking into Anthropologie and seeing your own gorgeous art! Katie created this beautiful collection (left), which was then picked up and made into a cute kids’ bedding set for Anthropologie.

Want to find out how you can land gigs like this? Don’t forget, registration for Creating Collections for Home Décor closes TODAY – sign up now!

Katie Vernon creative coop montage

Katie Vernon’s art created in class (left) and just some of the products picked up by Creative Co-op (centre and right). Imagine seeing your art come to life like this!

Here are some more of Katie’s home décor products. She created the collection on the left for Creating Collection for Home Décor, which then got picked up by Creative Co-op, who produced the cushions shown here as well as using Katie’s designs on storage tins, picture frames, a throw, and more. One of the fantastic – and unique – things about Creating Collections for Home Décor is that it will show you how to present your art as collections, which means that clients are more likely to buy more of your art.


Zoë Ingram


zoe ingram cardinal montage 3

Zoë’s art for class (left) and one of the products that got made. What will yours look like? Find out in Creating Collections for Home Décor!

Zoë created this holiday-themed collection for Creating Collections for Home Décor – check out some of the fabulous products that got made by Creative Co-op.

zoe ingram ceramics

More products featuring Zoë’s designs.

You’ll get FOUR dreamy, up to date trend boards to choose from in Creating Collections for Home Décor, so whatever your style, you’re sure to find one to inspire you!

Here’s another of Zoë’s beautiful collections, and some of the products that got made for Creative Co-op:

Zoe Ingram farm animals all
Art created in class by Zoë Ingram (left) and just some of the products picked up by Creative Co-op (centre and right). Get your art on products like this! Sign up now.

Do you want to make art like this? Do you want to walk into Anthropologie or West Elm or a cute neighbourhood boutique and see products featuring art that YOU created? Do you want to see your beautiful art on tableware, bedlinen, soft furnishings, and more?

Then don’t miss out – book your spot now and get immediate access to all the course materials released so far! But HURRY – registration for this class closes TODAY!

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