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FREE video: So, how do you get an arty book deal?! Part 4

How do you get an arty book deal?

Today in Part 4 of art agent Lilla Rogers’ FREE video series, she’ll be answering the burning question: How do you get an arty book deal?

2 Instructive art

Want to get a book deal for something you’d love to teach? Let Lilla show you how. Image shows books written and illustrated by Flora Waycott (left) and Zoe Ingram (right), both represented by Lilla.

She’ll also talk about what a pitch actually is, and why pitching a non-fiction book may be easier than you think!

Plus there’ll be another journaling exercise, so grab a pen and some paper and get stuck in.

MABP Free Video Series 04

Click here to watch Part 4: How do you get an arty book deal?

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