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Get your FREE Home Décor #MATSprep Part 1

Get your FREE Home Décor #MATSprep: Lilla’s Patented 100% Scientifically Accurate* Magic Style Decoder!

Discover more about your unique artistic style with art agent Lilla Roger’s FREE Magic Style Decoder!


Our brand-new Home Décor PLUS course begins on Monday, September 30th, so today, to get you ready for class, we’re giving away Lilla’s FREE MATS Prep. You’ll get part two – the results! – tomorrow, so you’ll definitely want to do this today!

What’s a MATS Prep? It’s a fun free exercise to get prepared for class, or just to have some creative fun, and it’s a great way to see what Lilla’s playful, kooky teaching style is all about – as Lilla often says, “I trick you into doing your best work!”. Anyone is more than welcome to take part whether or not they’re signed up for class.

Today we’re delighted to present …

Lilla’s Patented 100% Scientifically Accurate* Magic Style Decoder!

WHATS LILLA UP TO Make Art That Sells Get your FREE Home Décor #MATSprep Part 1

Behold Lilla’s Patented 100% Scientifically Accurate* Magic Style Decoder!
(*well, maybe it’s not exactly 100% scientifically accurate)

One thing that Lilla gets asked a lot as a professional agent is about style. How do you get a style? Do you need one? How do you evolve it? How do you do a style re-fresh?

What is your style?

In order to help you to start to understand a bit more about your own style, Lilla has put together this gorgeous Magic Style Decoder game full of odds and ends from all her various nutty collections (do you have whimsical little collections like this too? We bet you do!).

Part of discovering your style is about making discernments. What are discernments? They are simply thinking and feeling about what you like and why. It doesn’t have to be judge-y in a bad way, it can simply be about what you are drawn to and why.

DECODER 1 2019WEB Make Art That Sells Get your FREE Home Décor #MATSprep Part 1

Lilla’s Patented 100% Scientifically Accurate Magic Style Decoder! Download your FREE copy here then follow the instructions below.

Feeling in your body about what you love to look at is a great way to help reveal your style. Your style comes from something inside you—you could almost think of it as your aesthetic DNA.

How to play

  1. Click here to download your Magic Style Decoder then print it out.
  2. Quickly and without thinking, circle your favorite item in each row across (A, B, C). Just follow your instincts: there’s no right or wrong. So in Row A, pick 1, 2 or 3. Repeat for Row B and Row C.
  3. Optional: Jot down why you like it. Write down or draw some musings, ramblings, bits and pieces, and feelings about why you like the pins you chose. Include your thoughts about color, design, vibe, etc. There are no right or wrong thoughts and feelings of course.

Feeling good? Head over to Part 2 to find out what your results mean about you and your style!

Lots of love

The Make Art That Sells team xxx

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