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Spotted by an art agent! Meet Lilla Rogers’ new artist

There’s no doubt that landing representation can make life as an illustrator much easier – they deal with all the messy business stuff so that you can focus on just making gorgeous art, plus an agent can provide exciting new opportunities for your art, a community, and more. How do you get an agent anyway? In simple terms: by getting your art in front of them. This might be by creating a website for your art and keeping it up to date, sharing your art on social media, sending out postcards of your art to agents you admire, or contacting them directly. Another fantastic way of getting your art directly in front of an art agent, of course, is Make Art That Sells courses – and now that Riley has joined the teaching team, several courses give you the opportunity to get your art in front of not one but


See a stunning real-life student toy pitch

Hurry hurry HURRY – registration for My Toy Pitch 2022 closes TODAY! If you want to create five unique game and toy pitches and learn a ton about this booming art market in the company of supportive creative people from all over the world, then don’t miss out – sign up NOW! What will your pitch look like? How detailed should it be? Is your art good enough? Today, we thought we’d share a real-life pitch created in My Toy Pitch by Make Art That Sells student Silja Motullo. Toy pitch by Make Art That Sells student Silja Motullo for My Toy Pitch. Silja also went one step further and created this fun short video to go alongside her pitch drawing. Do you have to make a video? Not if you don’t want to, but it can be a quick and simple way to explain your concept to an art

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5 incredible game pitch tips from art agent Lilla – with art from class!

Lilla here. My one-of-a-kind toy and game design course, My Toy Pitch, starts TODAY and I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year. I really hope you’ll join me, because getting into the toy and game market can be great for your creative career. As an agent, I see exactly what jobs my amazing artists are getting, and I can tell you that toys and games – especially art-driven toys and games – are still an absolutely huge market. Why? Because people will always want and need to buy things for children, even during a downturn in the economy. Because parents are desperate to get their kids off screens for a while. Because right now we’re all craving that connection that playing a game or doing a puzzle together brings. And because we all want beautiful things in our homes. Last year, I ran this course

livewithlillariley Make Art That Sells Replay of Live Zoom with Lilla and Riley: My Toy Pitch begins on March 7th.

Replay of Live Zoom with Lilla and Riley: My Toy Pitch begins on March 7th.

Did you miss the Live with Lilla and Riley on Friday? Check out the replay below! About My Toy Pitch Turn play into pay! In this  course, innovative art agent Lilla Rogers and brilliant children’s toy and game creative director Riley Wilkinson will guide you through the playful world of the toy and game market. They’ll share industry secrets and show you how to showcase your unique art on products that’ll capture the hearts of children as you create an exciting original toy and develop your own winning, playful pitch. You’ll discover how you can use all the great art that you already have, maybe from our courses, or your own projects, and leverage it to make new products ready to pitch. This incredibly fun duo will take you on a deep dive into the booming toy and game market. The course is jam-packed with assignments, videos, insider lessons, expert


Get Part 2 of your fab FREE My Toy Pitch #MATSprep!

Lilla here. Can you believe that My Toy Pitch starts in less than a week? I’m so hyped for class to start: I know you’re going to love it and we’re going to make tons of amazing art tapping into those wonderful quirky minds of yours. Plus it’s an incredible opportunity to get your art directly in front of not one but TWO art agents. Last year we offered representation to two students from My Toy Pitch alone – you could be next! Did you have fun researching for your Blobby Worksheet for Part 1 of your FREE #MATSprep warm up assignment? (If you missed it then click here to find out more and join in.) Are you amazed at all the gorgeous toy and game products out there? It’s endless, isn’t it? It’s such a hot market for your art right now. Products for children are always a strong

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Get Part 1 of your FREE #MATSprep toy design assignment!

Lilla here. I’m so thrilled that it’s nearly time for my toy and game creation course, My Toy Pitch, which starts NEXT MONDAY, March 7th! I loved seeing the beautiful art and magical toys and games that my students came up with last year, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do this year! Plus I love teaching this class with Riley: I love his inventiveness, his insights, and his general nutty joyfulness. Today I’m sharing the first part of the My Toy Pitch #MATSprep. This is the same warm up exercise that I gave you last year before class. Why? Because sometimes it can be incredibly valuable to repeat an exercise and compare the two. How have your tastes changed? How has your art grown? Plus, in the toy and game market especially, it’s very important to know what’s out there right now, and this assignment

bootcamp noyear square copy 2 Make Art That Sells Got Bootcamp FOMO? Last chance for 2022!

Got Bootcamp FOMO? Last chance for 2022!

LAST CHANCE! Today is your last chance to sign up for Bootcamp Special: Character Play until 2023 – don’t miss out, register now! Learn how to create adorable characters like this one from Make Art That Sells student Yasemin Çaglar. Sign up now – registration closes today! As a reminder, here’s what you’ll get when you sign up today: Something every single Monday from now until the end of May that will help you create eight pieces of art for your portfolio – that’s 14 weeks of stuff! Instant access to all of the materials for February so far, including two assignments that you can complete whenever you want to plus creative insights from renowned creative director, Margo Tantau You’ll get to join the rest of the class for the LIVE Zoom event next Monday, February 28th … … Plus you’ll get to start next month’s assignments along with them

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Quick! Flash re-opening for Character Bootcamp!

Have you seen the gorgeous art coming out of the first month of Bootcamp Special: Character Play? Kicking yourself for not signing up? Want to learn how to create winning characters you can license for toys and games, books, and more? Art created for Bootcamp Special: Character Play by Make Art That Sells student Anna Lena. Hurry – registration is re-open from today until Friday! We’ve had a ton of emails asking if there’s still time to sign up, so we thought we’d re-open registration for Bootcamp Special: Character Play for a few days, from now until this Friday, February 25th, so no one has to miss out. Want in? Then sign up now! This course won’t run again until 2023! Learn how to create winning characters, and how to turn them into unique toys, like this one by Make Art That Sells student Diane Neukirch. Sign up now! Q:

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See stunning student art of Black American female artists

February is Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, in the USA, a national observance which celebrates and pays tribute to African Americans and their contributions, struggles, history, perseverance and achievements. Art by Tequitia Andrews, a Make Art That Sells student who is now represented by Lilla Rogers Studio after Lilla spotted her art in class. We are thrilled that more than 4,000 students have taken up the opportunity to engage in our FREE art history course, Redrawing Black History, which covers four key eras of Black American history under the expert guidance of brilliant educator, Tamisha Anthony. In particular, students have focused on some overlooked Black American female artists, and we’re delighted to share some of their art in today’s newsletter as we come to the end of Black History Month 2022. Missed out? There’s still time to sign up for this incredible and important course!

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Hurry! Last chance for this career-boosting course!

Hurry hurry HURRY – registration for our incredible Bootcamp Special: Character Play course closes TODAY! Our fabulous students are already busy exploring their first exclusive mini-text, their first Character Inspiration Board and their first assignment – get instant access to all this when you register now! In this brand NEW course, you’ll get to make art for two of the biggest art markets right now (read more about why the picture book and toy and games markets are so huge here and here), plus you’ll discover just how easy it can be to create winning characters, and you’ll get tons of tips, advice and industry insider insight from your talented teachers, Lilla, Zoë and Riley! Make Art That Sells student Brian Lambert was offered an illustration gig after a publisher spotted this character from art he created for Assignment Bootcamp: Portfolio on his Instagram account. As a quick reminder, here’s